George Palakiko William Hookano celebrates his 71st birthday, 1920.

Ka Hoʻolauleʻa La Hanau no George Palakiko William Hookano
71st Birthday Party for George Hookano
by Thelma Chun, Hoolauleʻa Ukulele Club

The Hoolauleʻa Ukulele Club honored their Advisor-Instructor, “Uncle” George Palakiko William Hookano on his 71st birthday, The event was held on Saturday, January 19,1980, five days prior to his actual birthday. Continue reading


Another eulogy for William Hookano Iwiula, 1920.

Sometimes different newspapers will edit down submissions. Here is another version of the eulogy for William Hookano Iwiula, here given as William Hoomana Iwiula. This version is much more ornate and detailed. The editor of the Kuokoa probably was conserving space for other articles. Continue reading