Birth announcements, 1880.

Captain W. P. Kalolina was blessed with being presented with by his “Eve,” two boys on the 5th of this September. Those who bear fruit of their loins are fortunate for it is an expansion of the lahui [hooulu lahui] in this era of King Kalakaua. The names of these offsprings are Kealiipunikuhina and Keliialohamakaainana.

At Kaakopua, here in Honolulu, on Sept. 18, J. W. Naukana and Mrs. Sarah Naukana gave birth to a son.

[Is anyone familiar with W. P. Kalolina?]

(Elele Poakolu, 9/22/1880, p. 3)

Ka Elele Poakolu, Buke 1, Helu 3, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 22, 1880.


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