Vital Statistics, 2/27/1920.


To George Kaeha and Alice Kalawe, a son, Feb. 1.
To C. C. Sing Loy and Mary Kahai, a daughter, Feb. 14.
To Jim Moses and Kapela Kama, a son, Feb. 14.
To William A. Akerman and Vitoria H. Meyer, a daughter, Feb. 15.
To William Kaholi and Rose Castino, a son, Feb. 15.
To B. U. Karrati and Kealoha A. Blake, a daughter, Feb. 16.
To Abner Chang and Clara Fairman, a son, Feb. 16.
To Charles Rutkowski and Lucy Palaimo, a daughter, Feb. 17.
To George H. Miranda and Rose Trask, a daughter, Feb. 18.
To Thomas Mason and Hattie Maroi, a son, Feb. 18.
To Lino K. Keahi and Lily Bush, a son, Feb. 18.
To Moses Adams and Annie Wahinekapu, a daughter, Feb. 19.
To Solomon Mahoe and Tiller Awa, a daughter, Feb. 19.
To Rodney K. Burgess and Emily P. Hulihee, a son, Oct. 20, 1919.
To C. K. Kahai and Madeline Keahi, a son, Feb. 22.
To E. H. Burtell and Helen Kidder, a daughter, Feb. 23.
To Joe Makua and Mary Kakina, a son, Feb. 24.


George Wahinekapu to Julia Kahinu, Feb. 15.
Samuel Solomon to Louisa A. Lapaku, Feb. 18.
Lindsay F. Croswell to Mary J. Coleman, Feb. 21.


Leilani A. Mossman, on Luso Street, Feb. 21.
Elizabeth Kaina, on South Street, Feb. 21.
Annie Kekuewa, on Parker Street, Feb. 21.
Kaaina Keohokii, in Pa Ola Camp [Pa Ma’i Pa Ola], Feb. 21.
Sam George, on Emma Street, Feb. 21.
John Iona, on Puuhale Street, Feb. 21.
Lilie Kailihiwa, in Pa Ola Camp, Feb. 21.
Mrs. Phillips, at the Queen’s Hospital, Feb. 21.
Kaakau Niheu, on Laimi Street, Feb. 21.
Rosaline K. Kaaihue, on Kapahulu and Waialae Streets, Feb. 21.
Mrs. Annie Kakalia, on Coral Street, Feb. 21.
Bella W. Monroe, on Punchbowl Street [Alanui Puowaina], Feb. 22.
William Makolo, at Pacific Heights [Kiekiena Pakipika], Feb. 22.
Solomon M. Moonihoawa, on Dow Street, Feb. 22.
Julia Kaonohi, on Leilani Street, Feb. 22.
Mary Kakuihu, in Pa Ola Camp, Feb. 23.
William Moses He-u, on Liliha Street, Feb. 23.
Mrs. Julia Da Santos, at the Queen’s Hospital, Feb. 23.
Helen Paoa, in Pa Ola Camp, Feb. 23.
Phoebe K. Mahoe, on Puohia Street, Feb. 23.
Clement P. Lovell, on Alapai Street, Feb. 24.

[The Pa Ola Day Camp at Palama Settlement was originally established for TB patients, but in 1920, with the epidemic, it was made into a place to house flu patients from tenements and congested districts.]

(Kuokoa, 2/27/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 9, Aoao 4. Feberuari 27, 1920.

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