Death of Clarence William Kinney, 1942.

Isle Composer Dies; Aged 63

Clarence W. Kinney Victim of Heart Attack

Clarence W. Kinney, 63, died of a heart attack at the home of his son, Clarence P. Kinney, 1133 First Avenue, late Saturday afternoon. The body will be on view at the Borthwick Mortuary after 9 a. m. Monday. Funeral services will be conducted by William Waddoups of the Latter Day Saints at 2:30 o’clock, burial in Diamond Head cemetery.

Mr. Kinney was a composer of many Hawaiian songs and during the hours of 1:30 to 2:30 today at the mortuary, Johnny Almeida and his Hawaiian troupe will sing many of the songs Mr. Kinney composed.

Born in Hilo

Surviving are his wife and four children, Mrs. Rachel Johnson, now on the Mainland, Mrs. Elaine Silva of Honolulu, Theodore P. …

(Advertiser, 6/15/1942, p. 1)

Honolulu Advertiser, 86th Year, Number 19,953, Page 1. June 15, 1942.

…Kinney, and Clarence P. Kinney, and several grandchildren.

Clarence W. Kinney was born at Hilo, graduated from Kamehameha School here in 1897 and at one time was in business making ukuleles. The firm name was Kinney and Mossman, his partner was George P. Mossman.

In a brief history of his life written in lead pencil but clearly legible, Mr. Kinney chronicled his own obituary. The document told of his early struggles, various professions he took up including homesteading on Molokai and named many friends including the late L. A. Thurston, former publisher of The Advertiser, A. S. Cleghorn, Mrs. Julia Wilder, Mrs. E. Dreier and many more.

Among his compositions, songs in Hawaiian and well known are Hawaii Nani (beautiful); Ua Hika Ke Kupulau [Ua Hiki ke Kupulau] (Spring his here). Ka Hoailona and Ko and Awihi and Mai.

(Advertiser, 6/15/1942, p. 2)

Honolulu Advertiser, 86th Year, Number 19,953, Page 2. June 15, 1942.

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