Oliver H. Kapau, Clarence J. Olds, and James Akana Ai off to Georgia, 1927.


Three members of the Hawaii national guard (298th Infantry), will go to Fort Benning, Ga., to attend the infantry school which will be held at that post from February 28 to May 28, according to orders received from the secretary of war by Col. Percy M. Smoot, commandant. They are Capt. Oliver H. Kapau, Capt. Clarence J. Olds and Master Sgt. James Akana Ai.

Kapau sails on the first boat after February 8. Olds will sail on the Matsonia February 9, and will be accompanied by Mrs. Olds and their daughter, Annette. James Akana Ai is scheduled to sail on the Matsonia January 19. Olds and Kapau will go as students in the rifle course, and Ai as a student in the communications course.

(Star-Bulletin, 1/12/1927, p. 2)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volumen XXIV, Number 10927, Page 2. January 12, 1927.

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