Death of William K. Helani, 1920


Sol. Hanohano, Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, Aloha kaua:—May your honor please allow my sad parcel of aloha, so that the multitudes, the family of my dear husband living from where the sun rises until where it sets in Lehua, will know.

Aloha, aloha my dear husband who has gone afar; my companion in the rain and wind; my parental figure in unfamiliar lands. Aloha, aloha for you fine deeds, for your patience for our well being.

Auwe how heavy is my heart for because of my aloha, unrelenting in my mind day and night. How regretful!

In the evening of Monday, Nov. 1, 1920, at 8:30, my dear husband grew weary of this life.

My dear husband was born at Keei, from the loins of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Helani, in the year 1897, Sept. 3, and he breathed in the cool air of this life for 23 years, 1 month, and some days.

We were joined together in the covenant of marriage in the year 1917, July 23; and his voice will no longer be heard, it is gone for all times.

O Kiholo, William will no more pass by your shores; O Puuanahulu, William will no more smell your bracing air; O Keei, my dear husband will no more pass before you, and so too the shores of those places. I have aloha for those places that I traveled with my dear husband, enduring seasons of famine and seasons of plenty.

O Manuka, my dear William will no more pass by on you black aa lava; I have aloha for those places my dear husband traveled, being patient for our livelihood. He will no more auwe for the pains of this life. His toiling is ended; he has gone on the path we must all travel. I am regretful for you!

I give my thanks to the Lord, the one who created body and soul, He who giveth, and He who taketh away; and I also give my thanks to all the friends who came to see the body of my dear husband.

With much aloha to you, O Editor, and the boys of your office. Me with grief, and all the family.


(Kuokoa, 12/3/1920, p. 8)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 49, Aoao 8. Dekemaba 3, 1920.

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