Mrs. Maule of Waihee protests, 1893.


Please give me some tolerance, O Editor, and publicize this: in the Kuokoa newspaper of the 6th of May, 1893, page two, they announce with the title—”Mistaken [Kuhihewa].” And within that it proclaims to the public that it was I who put out that announcement pertaining to me putting my signature to the things dealing with annexation with the United States of America and about Aloha Aina. Therefore, I state publicly that the announcement is not true, and I did not make and sign my name below that announcement and send it in to the Kuokoa newspaper.

And I deny, and deny for all times everything that was stated in that announcement.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Maule.
Waihee, Maui, May 13, 1893.

(Hawaii Holomua, 5/17/1893, p. 2)

Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 223, Aoao 2. Mei 17, 1893.

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