Mrs. Elizabeth Kahele Nahaolelua to return home, 1897.


Aboard the Australia of this past Tuesday, there was a letter received by the family and friends of Mrs. Kahele Nahaolelua, Queen Liliuokalani’s lady-in-waiting [mea lawelawe], on Her [the Queen’s] voyage to seek what is right for Her people, who is staying in Washington; saying that she [Nahaolelua] is returning because of her illness, and she will leave Washington and the Alii of Hawaii, on the 5th of May, and will ride the Train with Palmer [Pama], the personal secretary  of the Queen, until San Francisco. And with that we think of the Alii of persevering heart who will be left, waiting patiently for the outcome of justice for people which is to come. Our desire is that God’s divine power will quickly spread over Her womanly shoulders and the blessings be fulfilled, as a precious crown for Her return path to Her land of birth, when her work there is through.

(Aloha Aina, 5/1/1897, p. 6)

Ke Aloha Aina, Buke III, Helu 18, Aoao 6. Mei 1, 1897.

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