Mrs. Elizabeth Kahele Nahaolelua to return home, 1897.


Aboard the Australia of this past Tuesday, there was a letter received by the family and friends of Mrs. Kahele Nahaolelua, Queen Liliuokalani’s lady-in-waiting [mea lawelawe], on Her [the Queen’s] voyage to seek what is right for Her people, who is staying in Washington; saying that she [Nahaolelua] is returning because of her illness, Continue reading

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Because Mrs. Kahele Nahaolelua has been away from the presence of the Queen due to her illness, Mrs. Vakeki Heleluhe has been ordered to¬† seek out the Royal One in Washington; she will be leaving the mother land on the Australia of this next Wednesday, May 5th, for the skin-nipping cold of America, and while she is treads through San Francisco, her care will be under the guidance of J. A. Palmer [Pama], the Queen’s secretary. And for you, O Mrs. Vakeki Heleluhe, is our prayer, that your ocean voyage be accompanied by God’s protection and may he put you ashore on dry land in good health, and may he be with you on water and on land. And when you meet with the Heavenly Alii of the lahui, give the royal one our great aloha.

[According to David Forbes, from the new edition of “Hawaii’s Story,” Mrs. Heleluhe was sometimes referred to as “Waikiki”. Here we see her as “Vakeki”.

See another article on Mrs. Heleluhe’s departure here.

Also, to be added to the index of the new edition should be:

Heleluhe, Wakeke Ululani, 106, 258, 338, 385, 391]

(Aloha Aina, 5/1/1897, p. 6)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke III, Helu 18, Aoao 6. Mei 1, 1897.

Wakeke Heleluhe to take the place of Kia Kahele Nahaolelua, 1897.

Returning Home.

It is heard that Mrs. Kahele Nahaolelua is returning on the steamer Monowai this coming Thursday and left behind the Queen [Aliiaimoku]. The reason for this return is unclear to us, however, there are all sorts of rumors; some say she is sick, some say that she misses her family, some say that she has urgent business, and so forth; the truth will be known only when she returns. And because she is coming home, in her stead will be Mrs. Wakeke Heleluhe, who will leave on the steamship Australia of this coming Wednesday. Her departure is certain, for her wardrobe is being made for her trip to foreign lands. So this is a confirmation of the truth of Captain Palmer’s words that it is unclear when the Queen will return and her stay there is not limited.

[The Queen states:

In the early part of May it became necessary for my companion, Mrs. Kia Nahaolelua, to return to Honolulu. Three months was the length of time I had expected to be absent when I asked her to accompany me; but five months had passed away, and her husband and large family of children needed her. So I sent her to San Francisco under the charge of Captain Palmer, where he was to meet Mrs. Joseph Heleluhe, and conduct her to Washington.

See another article on Mrs. Heleluhe’s departure.]

(Makaainana, 5/3/1897, p. 8)

E Huli Hoi Mai Ana.

Ka Makaainana, Buke VII—-Ano Hou, Helu 18, Aoao 8. Mei 3, 1897.