Six years later, Mary’s husband John K. Naone dies, 1906.


On the 8th of this month, like a their in the night, the hand of death which has no compassion visited the home of John K. Naone, at Pauoa, Honolulu nei, and snatched away the spirit of the bodily abode of John K. Naone, at 64 years old 11 months and 7 days of life, and left behind dust to dust.

John K. Naone was the last child of Pastor Naone [Pilipo Naone] and Pele, his first wife. Hao was the first child, Hama, Daniela, and Meli, were the elder siblings of the one who passed on. He was born on the 31st of January 1841, at Pauoa, and he was educated at the Royal School of Kahehuna. He was married to Mele Ahia [Mary Ahia], but they had not children.

He was the head of the prison for some years, and a tax collector for the Ewa District for some years.

During the time of the Kamehamehas, he joined the guards, and he was a lieutenant in the Princeʻs Own Guards [ka pualikoa Prince Own], and he was a rifleman for that company.

He was a member of the Kawaiahao Church, and was in the choir for a number of years. He was a very skilled painter, and it is in that profession which he kept at until he grew weak and put it aside.

He was a father figure for the District of Pauoa in matters dealing with the Kingdom of God, and he was the caretaker of the cemetery of that district. He was put effort into all things good, and on the Sabbath before his death, he actually went to the morning meeting, and at that meeting he had powerful words of guidance. He was forbidden by his doctor not to exert himself in speaking, for his illness was in his heart; but in those meetings mentioned above, he went against this advice, and as a result, he threw up blood and that is what made him very weak, and he passed on. Aloha no!

This past Tuesday afternoon, his remains were carried to the cemetery of Pauoa where he was placed.

(Kuokoa, 1/12/1906, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIV, Helu 2, Aoao 5. Ianuari 12, 1906.


3 thoughts on “Six years later, Mary’s husband John K. Naone dies, 1906.

  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog while doing some research and have really enjoyed reading the different things you post. I was wondering if I could pay you to translate some family documents? They are from a probate case from my great great grandfather.

    Thanks, Katie



    • Aloha.
      I personally do not do finished translations. They are all seriously just works in progress. If you are looking for a real translation, I might suggest you try checking out
      and emailing them at E-mail:
      If they cannot do it for you, hopefully they will have suggestions as to where you might go!


  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this blog, D Lima Naone was my great great grandfather. I love to read my ancestry line to see what they were into and why I Love what I do. It was interesting to know I come from a line of Pastors as I am also a Pastor. My heart is excited!


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