I just saw Bishop Museum Press reprinted the Hawaiian and English Cross-Age Learning Picture Vocabulary Book, 2021.

What is New is Old, 2021 / 1938.

Did you see the announcement from Bishop Museum Press saying that the Hawaiian and English Cross-Age Learning Picture Vocabulary Book is back in print after a long time of not being available. For more information about the book and how to order copies for people you know, click the image below.

The reprint of the vocabulary book reminded me of an earlier column appearing in Hoku o Hawaii starting in 1938. It was called “He haawina i kekahi poe,” and was started to help people learn Hawaiian and to increase the number of subscriptions to the newspaper. This column would continue on until 4/19/1939. “Lesson in Hawaiian” followed from 4/26/1939 until 6/20/1945.

A Lesson for Some

Because some friends requested of our Circulation Manager and Editor in English [J. B. Dickson] to publish in the Hoku some things so that they could read and understand the nature of the Hawaiian words, and therefore, we print some words for the benefit of those people. According to what they said, should the Hoku  be able to assist in with knowledge of the Hawaiian language, then they would be prepared to subscribe to the newspaper and pay upfront for the subscription. Therefore we are publishing some easy words so that these people will understand how to speak Hawaiian.

Alphabet: A E I O U H K L M N P W


a—as in adore.
e—as in left.
i—as in lift.
o—as in old,
u—as in cube.

Some of the commonly used words.

Hele mai—come.
E hele ana oe i hea?—Where are you going?
Owai kou ino[a]?—What is your name?
Pehea oe?—How are you?
He maikai no.—quite well.
Ee [E] hele kaua i ka holoholo.—Let us go for a walk or let us go strolling.
Mea ma’i—Patient.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/19/1938, p. 4)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIII, Number 25, Aoao 4. Okakoba 19, 1938.

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