Fireworks accident #3, 1912.


When Robert Kaleiheana, the blacksmith of Waialua, was attempting this past Sunday to go over the top when he was commemorating the death of the old year and the birth of the new, his right hand flew off, and should he be saved from this unfortunate accident which befell upon him, he will join the Hokake Ipukai club of Waialua [?]. When all of Waialua’s people were in on the celebration of the last hour of that old man that died [the year 1911] by making all the deafening noises that they could. Firecrackers were one of the noise makers that were set off, but to top this noise so that all those above, and below, here, and there of Waialua could hear, Kaleiheana set ablaze some stick of dynamite to make a bigger bang. He held the dynamite for a long time in his right hand, after he set the fuse on fire. When the powder exploded, his right hand was scattered about, it was all shredded until the wrist.

The police were fetched, and the doctor was brought as well. This injury he received was severe, but he will not be in danger, and yet he will be maimed.

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 1/5/1912, p. 1)


Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke X, Helu 1, Aoao 1. Ianuari 5, 1912.

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