Oneha family history, 1876.

[Found under: “News”]

At Honuakaha, Honolulu, twins were born to Mr. Oneha (Chinese) and Mrs. Keano Oneha, one girl and one boy. The parents named them after the current news at the time of their birth; that being this: Kuikahi [Treaty] is the girl, and Panailike [Reciprocity] is the boy, and I announce it. How great that the Reciprocity Treaty has passed, and that this phrase is complete when speaking the names of these children born together at the same time. S. K. Pihaolioli.

[Children were often named after current events to commemorate the occasion.

There was a great debate over the merits of the Reciprocity Treaty with America, with many articulate compositions for and against it in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers. More on that at a later date.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 10/19/1876, p. 3)

Ma Honuakaha, Honolulu...

Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke II, Helu 43, Aoao 3. Okatoba 19, 1876.


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