Pond atop Punchbowl? 1902.

Mysterious Pond.

An amazing pond was found atop Puowaina by  some people who visited there; they found this amazing waters among lantana plants. Close to this pond was planted a patch of sweet potatoes by an old Hawaiian man; he did not know of this new thing until he was weeding near the pond. While he was working [hono ana ?], to his surprise, he saw this pond their. When he looked at it, its mouth was five feet long, and so too of the depth. The water is five feet or more then you reach black sand. According to what some people say, this is magical waters. It is said to be kupua water, like what is common among amazing things, but there is no trace of the story of this water. It is truly a mysterious spring. The water in the pond these days has somewhat receded.

(Kuokoa, 6/27/1902, p. 5)

Luawai Hoopahaohao.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XL, Helu 26, Aoao 5, Iune 27, 1902.

The above image was taken directly from the microfilm. Here for comparison is the same article as it appears online:

Luawai Hoopahaohao.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XL, Helu 26, Aoao 5. Iune 27, 1902.

2 thoughts on “Pond atop Punchbowl? 1902.

  1. Oooops. Mahalo to Kawiks96744 on twitter for kindly pointing out my sad mistake! Puowaina is Punchbowl and not Diamond Head as i originally had given!!

  2. From Charles Martin Newell’s book, dedicated to King Kalākaua two decades earlier – Kalani of Oahu: An Historical Romance of Hawaii (1881):

    ” On the very apex of this sacred hill there leaps up a charming natural fountain, emerging from out a mound of vine-covered rocks, jetting forth from a clear, never failing spring, and running the zigzag course of a mountain- brook down the valley to the sea. From out the cool, crystal waters of this grass-grown, flower-verged fountain it is said that many mystic and unearthly sights have been disclosed, in divine answer to priestly oblation and royal prayers. It is the Kiowai o’ Pele (fountain of Pele) sacred to the gods.

    This sacred grove has been the holy of holies of a long line of noble kings. A tabooed resort where the reigning monarch has sought for solitude during the various phases of the midnight moon, when interceding with the gods for divine aid during contemplated wars.”

    Available as a free ebook at http://www.books.google.com

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