This is some list of names. July 18, 1898.


Monday, July 18, 1898.


On the afternoon of this Monday, July 18, 1898, the Council of State held session in the Office of the House of Representatives in the Executive Office, and as a result of this meeting, the “Political Prisoners” of the 1895 rebellion [haunaele] were fully pardoned.

Those fully pardoned before the proclamation of this general pardon of the other day, was Liliuokalani, Kini, W. H. Rickard, T. B. Walker, Charles Warren, and Robert W. Wilcox.

Here is the list of those fully pardoned on this day, although they received a partial pardon earlier. The letters “C. P.,” stands for “Conditional Pardon,” meaning that it is a pardon under certain terms, and that is what we are calling just a “Partial Pardon,” but this on the past Monday was a full pardon.

The list below it taken directly from the Advertiser of Tuesday, July 19.

Halo, Sam, 5 years; Huihui, Hola, 5 years; Ihu, Bill, 5 years; Inoaole, 5 years; C. P.; Joseph, William, 5 years, C. P.; Kaae, William, 5 years; Kaaea, Sam, 5 years, C. P.; Kaanaana, 5 years, C. P.; Kaauwai, 5 years; Kahaiao, J. W., 5 years, C. P.; Kahalewai, 5 years, C. P.; Kahananui, 5 years, C. P.; Kahikikolu, 5 years, C. P.; Kahimalani, 5 years; Kahoeka, John, 5 years; Kahole, 5 years, C. P.; Kahoomahele, 5 years, C. P.; Kahoomanawanui, 5 years, C. P.; Kahopuwaiki, Joe, 5 years, C. P.; Kaia, 5 years; Kaimi, John K., 5 years; Kakaio, 5 years, C. P.; Kalalau, Samuel, 5 years, C. P.; Kalauwalu, 5 years, C. P.; Kililoa, Hoopii, 5 years, C. P.; Kaloa, Samuel, K., 5 years, C. P.; Kaaihue, 5 makahiki; Kanehe, Herman K., 5 years, C. P.; Kalua, 5 makahiki; Kama, J., 5 years, C. P.; Kamai, 5 years, C. P.; Kamaka, 5 years, C. P.; Kamali, J. K., 5 years, C. P.; Kameakane, Liwai, 5 years, C. P.; Kanaana, 5 years, C. P.; Kanahele, Samuel, 5 years; Kanakaole, William, 5 years; Kaneuu, 1 year, C. P.; Kaniela, 5 years, C. P.; Kanoho, James, 5 years, C. P.; Kaohe, Henry P., 5 years, C. P.; Kaohimaunu, 5 years; Kaolowi, John, 5 years, C. P.; Kaona, 5 years, C. P.; Kapena, Koia, 5 years, C. P.; Kapiioho, Solomon, 5 years; Kapuna, 5 years; Kauai, Solomon, 5 years; Kauaua, Dan, 5 years; Kauli, 5 years; Kauwenaole, William, 5 years, C. P.; Kawelo, 5 years; Kawika, 5 years; Keamupohaku, 5 years, C. P.; Keanu, Samuel, 5 years; Keanunui, David, 1 year, C. P.; Keawe, 5 years, C. P.; Kekaha, Samuel, 5 years; Kehaula, J., 5 years, C. P.; Keki, 5 years, C. P.; Kekipi, Kema, 5 years, C. P.; Kekoa, William, 5 years, C. P.; Keliikuewa, 5 years, C. P.; Keoho, 5 years, C. P.; Kia, Sam, 5 years; Kiakahi, Ioela, 3 years, C. P.; Kiamanu, 5 years; Kiliona, 5 years, C. P.; Kilohana, 5 years, C. P.; Koa, David K., 5 years, C. P.; Kolomona, 5 years, C. P.; Kauiwa, 5 years; Kuhio, Manuel, 5 years, C. P.; Kukalohiwa, J., 5 years; Kupihea, Solomon, 5 years; Lane, James C., 5 years, C. P.; Lane, Lot, 5 years, C. P.; Lane, Patrick, 5 years, C. P.; Lane, William C., 5 years, C. P.; Lilikoi, John, 6 years; Limahopu, 5 years; Maele, Ben, 5 years; Mahoe, 5 years, C. P.; Mahoe, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Mahoe, Kini J., 1 year, C. P.; Mahuka, John, 5 years, C. P.; Makakoa, 5 years, C. P.; Makauahoa, 5 years; Makalena, George, 5 years, C. P.; Marshall, Louis, 20 years; Mathews, John J., 5 years, C. P.; Maui, 5 years; Mio, Sam Pua, 5 years; Moepali, Buff, 5 years, C. P.; Naaieono, 5 years; Nahinalau, 5 years, C. P.; Naiwi, Jack, 5 years; Nakaikuahine, 5 years, C. P.; Niolo, 5 years; Nowlein, Samuel, 35 years; Oili, William, 5 years; Olepau, William, 5 years; Opunui, 5 years; Paaoao, Keoni, 5 years; Pahau, Alex., 5 years, C. P.; Pahia, 5 years, C. P.; Pahukoa, 5 years; Palau, Robert, 10 years; Pedro, Tom, 5 years, C. P.; Pehu, 5 years, C. P.; Pihena, 5 years, C. P.; Piko, John, 5 years, C. P.; Pio, John, 5 years, C. P.; Poepoe, Kiliona, 5 years; Pohaka, 5 years, C. P.; Poole, Thomas, 10 years; Pua, William, K., 5 years; Punalua, 5 years, C. P.; Rogers, Henry, 5 years; Rosa, Manuel, 5 years, C. P.; Seward, William T., 35 years; Silva, John R., Jr., 5 years, C. P.; Sylva, R. Hakuole, 5 years; Ting Sing, Ed., 5 years; Townsend, George, 5 years; Ulukou, Hao C., 5 years, C. P.; Ulukou, 5 years; Wahia, 5 years; Waianae, 5 years, C. P.; Wailama, 5 years, C. P.; Waiola, 5 years; Welewele, 5 years; Widemann, Carl, 30 years, C. P.; Widdifield, William, 5 years, C. P.; Ashford, V. V., 1 year, C. P.; Aylett, james, 1 month; Baker, John K., 1 month; Bowler, John F., 5 years; Hutchinson, William K., $250 fine; Kaae, Junius, 1 year, C. P.; Kaili, Samuel K., 1 year, C. P.; Kaimimoku, 6 months; Kalanianaole, Jonah, 1 year, C. P.; Lane, John C., 6 months; Smith, Alexander, 6 months; Wise, John H., 3 years; Aea, John, 5 years; Ahia, Joseph, 5 years; Ahia, William, 5 years; Ai, Tommy, 5 years, C. P.; Aikike, 5 years; Apelehama,  7 years; Bartow, Charles, 5 years; Beni, G. K., 5 years; [Bertleman, H. F., 35 years;] Bill, William, 5 years; Bipikane, J. W., 10 years; Bush, James H., 5 years, C. P.; Clark, Charles H., 5 years; Clark, Joe, 5 years; Cummins, John A., fine payed, $5,000; Damien, Daniel, 6 years; Davis, William, 10 years; Edward, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Elia, 5 years, C. P.; Enoka, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Greig, W. H. C., 20 years; Gulick, C. T., 35 years; Hana, 5 years, C. P.; Hakalaau, William, 5 years; Hakuole, Kamuela, 5 years; Hanupau, J., 5 years, C. P.; Hikilea, 5 years, C. P.; Hokii, Paulo, 5 years, C. P.; Hookano, Samuel, 5 years, C. P.; Hookano, Peter, 5 years, C. P.;

Outside of these people, Captain Good, that “haole” officer who is said to have sought to discredit Colonel McLean, was pardoned.

Also pardon was granted to Charles Augustus Hering, the one who shot Lawyer D. L. Huntsman, on the 26th of May, 1893, when the 1st of January, 1900 arrives.

Two Chinese and one Japanese were pardoned [Akoi Akanu, Lum Sing, and Yakoyama? Yokoyama?].

(Kuokoa, 7/22/1898, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXVII, Helu 29, Aoao 8. Iulai 22, 1898.

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