A mele for the counter revolution, 1895.


Kumaka ka ike’na ia Kaalawai
I ka peki wawae i ke kula loa
Mea ole ka loa a oia kula
Me ke kai hone mai i ka iliili
Me he ‘la a e i mai ana
Imi ia e ka pono o ka aina
Ilaila ohohia kuu manao
I ka ike ana aku i na hoa
Hooho Wilikoki me ka leo nui
Imua kakou a lanakila
Lana mai ka manao Nou e ka Lani
E hoi hou ana i ke Kalaunu
Eia makou ke paa nei
Mamuli o ke aloha i ka aina
O ke kani makawalu a na pu
Pau ka manaolana no ka ohana
Haina ia mai ana ka puana
No ka poe i aloha i ka aina.

Hakuia e
S. Kanehe.

In plain sight was Kaalawai
Treading across its wide plains
The extent of that field is of no consequence
With the sea that whispers atop the pebbles
As if saying
Let pono for this land be sought out
There my mind is elated
To see my comrades
Wilcox cheers with voice aroar
Forward to victory!
Our belief is for You, O Heavenly One
That you will return to the Throne
Here we are, unyielding
Faithfully patriotic
With gunfire ringing out from all directions
No more do we hope to see our families
Let the refrain be told
For the patriotic ones.
Composed by S. Kanehe.
Kawa. [The prison]

[There was a man named Herman K. Kanehe, who was one of many patriots sentenced to 5 years at hard labor and a fine of $5000. But i could not find out information on this S. Kanehe.

It is also interesting to note that this composition is reminiscent of another composition known widely today…]

(Oiaio, 3/22/1895, p. 3)


Ka Oiaio, Buke VII, Helu 3, Aoao 3. Maraki 22, 1895.

Mahalo to Elinor Langer for her comment on trial of participants of the January 6, 1895 Counter Revolution. 1895.

Elinor Langer says:

And it was on January 17, 1895, the second anniversary, that the Republic opened the trials of the people arrested for “treason” in the revolt. Has anyone seen accounts in the Hawaiian papers about what happened on January 24, the day the Queen signed her forced abdication statement? According to “The Friend” (February 1, 1895) “On the 24th, while engaged in the trial of a company of natives, the Court was startled by the fall upon the table around which they sat of a massive bar of plaster from the lofty ceiling [of the Throne Room, where the trials were taking place.] The bar was nine feet long, forming part of a decorative panel. It fell upon the center of the table, precisely fitting the length of it. Col. Whiting had a narrow escape, his face being grazed, although protected by his military hat. The plaster had been loosened by a sharp shake of earthquake the night before.” The Queen signed the statement at 11 a.m. in the rooms directly above –perhaps even at the same time?

[See the original article, “The Story of the Insurrection” in The Friend, Volume 53, Number 2, Pages 9–11. February 1895.

Comment to Writing on the wall, 1894.]

This is some list of names. July 18, 1898.


Monday, July 18, 1898.


On the afternoon of this Monday, July 18, 1898, the Council of State held session in the Office of the House of Representatives in the Executive Office, and as a result of this meeting, the “Political Prisoners” of the 1895 rebellion [haunaele] were fully pardoned.

Those fully pardoned before the proclamation of this general pardon of the other day, was Liliuokalani, Kini, W. H. Rickard, T. B. Walker, Charles Warren, and Robert W. Wilcox.

Here is the list of those fully pardoned on this day, although they received a partial pardon earlier. The letters “C. P.,” stands for “Conditional Pardon,” meaning that it is a pardon under certain terms, and that is what we are calling just a “Partial Pardon,” but this on the past Monday was a full pardon.

The list below it taken directly from the Advertiser of Tuesday, July 19.

Halo, Sam, 5 years; Huihui, Hola, 5 years; Ihu, Bill, 5 years; Inoaole, 5 years; C. P.; Joseph, William, 5 years, C. P.; Kaae, William, 5 years; Kaaea, Sam, 5 years, C. P.; Kaanaana, 5 years, C. P.; Kaauwai, 5 years; Kahaiao, J. W., 5 years, C. P.; Kahalewai, 5 years, C. P.; Kahananui, 5 years, C. P.; Kahikikolu, 5 years, C. P.; Kahimalani, 5 years; Kahoeka, John, 5 years; Kahole, 5 years, C. P.; Kahoomahele, 5 years, C. P.; Kahoomanawanui, 5 years, C. P.; Kahopuwaiki, Joe, 5 years, C. P.; Kaia, 5 years; Kaimi, John K., 5 years; Kakaio, 5 years, C. P.; Kalalau, Samuel, 5 years, C. P.; Kalauwalu, 5 years, C. P.; Kililoa, Hoopii, 5 years, C. P.; Kaloa, Samuel, K., 5 years, C. P.; Kaaihue, 5 makahiki; Kanehe, Herman K., 5 years, C. P.; Kalua, 5 makahiki; Kama, J., 5 years, C. P.; Kamai, 5 years, C. P.; Kamaka, 5 years, C. P.; Kamali, J. K., 5 years, C. P.; Kameakane, Liwai, 5 years, C. P.; Kanaana, 5 years, C. P.; Kanahele, Samuel, 5 years; Kanakaole, William, 5 years; Kaneuu, 1 year, C. P.; Kaniela, 5 years, C. P.; Kanoho, James, 5 years, C. P.; Kaohe, Henry P., 5 years, C. P.; Kaohimaunu, 5 years; Kaolowi, John, 5 years, C. P.; Kaona, 5 years, C. P.; Kapena, Koia, 5 years, C. P.; Kapiioho, Solomon, 5 years; Kapuna, 5 years; Kauai, Solomon, 5 years; Kauaua, Dan, 5 years; Kauli, 5 years; Kauwenaole, William, 5 years, C. P.; Kawelo, 5 years; Kawika, 5 years; Keamupohaku, 5 years, C. P.; Keanu, Samuel, 5 years; Keanunui, David, 1 year, C. P.; Keawe, 5 years, C. P.; Kekaha, Samuel, 5 years; Kehaula, J., 5 years, C. P.; Keki, 5 years, C. P.; Kekipi, Kema, 5 years, C. P.; Kekoa, William, 5 years, C. P.; Keliikuewa, 5 years, C. P.; Keoho, 5 years, C. P.; Kia, Sam, 5 years; Kiakahi, Ioela, 3 years, C. P.; Kiamanu, 5 years; Kiliona, 5 years, C. P.; Kilohana, 5 years, C. P.; Koa, David K., 5 years, C. P.; Kolomona, 5 years, C. P.; Kauiwa, 5 years; Kuhio, Manuel, 5 years, C. P.; Kukalohiwa, J., 5 years; Kupihea, Solomon, 5 years; Lane, James C., 5 years, C. P.; Lane, Lot, 5 years, C. P.; Lane, Patrick, 5 years, C. P.; Lane, William C., 5 years, C. P.; Lilikoi, John, 6 years; Limahopu, 5 years; Maele, Ben, 5 years; Mahoe, 5 years, C. P.; Mahoe, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Mahoe, Kini J., 1 year, C. P.; Mahuka, John, 5 years, C. P.; Makakoa, 5 years, C. P.; Makauahoa, 5 years; Makalena, George, 5 years, C. P.; Marshall, Louis, 20 years; Mathews, John J., 5 years, C. P.; Maui, 5 years; Mio, Sam Pua, 5 years; Moepali, Buff, 5 years, C. P.; Naaieono, 5 years; Nahinalau, 5 years, C. P.; Naiwi, Jack, 5 years; Nakaikuahine, 5 years, C. P.; Niolo, 5 years; Nowlein, Samuel, 35 years; Oili, William, 5 years; Olepau, William, 5 years; Opunui, 5 years; Paaoao, Keoni, 5 years; Pahau, Alex., 5 years, C. P.; Pahia, 5 years, C. P.; Pahukoa, 5 years; Palau, Robert, 10 years; Pedro, Tom, 5 years, C. P.; Pehu, 5 years, C. P.; Pihena, 5 years, C. P.; Piko, John, 5 years, C. P.; Pio, John, 5 years, C. P.; Poepoe, Kiliona, 5 years; Pohaka, 5 years, C. P.; Poole, Thomas, 10 years; Pua, William, K., 5 years; Punalua, 5 years, C. P.; Rogers, Henry, 5 years; Rosa, Manuel, 5 years, C. P.; Seward, William T., 35 years; Silva, John R., Jr., 5 years, C. P.; Sylva, R. Hakuole, 5 years; Ting Sing, Ed., 5 years; Townsend, George, 5 years; Ulukou, Hao C., 5 years, C. P.; Ulukou, 5 years; Wahia, 5 years; Waianae, 5 years, C. P.; Wailama, 5 years, C. P.; Waiola, 5 years; Welewele, 5 years; Widemann, Carl, 30 years, C. P.; Widdifield, William, 5 years, C. P.; Ashford, V. V., 1 year, C. P.; Aylett, james, 1 month; Baker, John K., 1 month; Bowler, John F., 5 years; Hutchinson, William K., $250 fine; Kaae, Junius, 1 year, C. P.; Kaili, Samuel K., 1 year, C. P.; Kaimimoku, 6 months; Kalanianaole, Jonah, 1 year, C. P.; Lane, John C., 6 months; Smith, Alexander, 6 months; Wise, John H., 3 years; Aea, John, 5 years; Ahia, Joseph, 5 years; Ahia, William, 5 years; Ai, Tommy, 5 years, C. P.; Aikike, 5 years; Apelehama,  7 years; Bartow, Charles, 5 years; Beni, G. K., 5 years; [Bertleman, H. F., 35 years;] Bill, William, 5 years; Bipikane, J. W., 10 years; Bush, James H., 5 years, C. P.; Clark, Charles H., 5 years; Clark, Joe, 5 years; Cummins, John A., fine payed, $5,000; Damien, Daniel, 6 years; Davis, William, 10 years; Edward, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Elia, 5 years, C. P.; Enoka, Henry, 5 years, C. P.; Greig, W. H. C., 20 years; Gulick, C. T., 35 years; Hana, 5 years, C. P.; Hakalaau, William, 5 years; Hakuole, Kamuela, 5 years; Hanupau, J., 5 years, C. P.; Hikilea, 5 years, C. P.; Hokii, Paulo, 5 years, C. P.; Hookano, Samuel, 5 years, C. P.; Hookano, Peter, 5 years, C. P.;

Outside of these people, Captain Good, that “haole” officer who is said to have sought to discredit Colonel McLean, was pardoned.

Also pardon was granted to Charles Augustus Hering, the one who shot Lawyer D. L. Huntsman, on the 26th of May, 1893, when the 1st of January, 1900 arrives.

Two Chinese and one Japanese were pardoned [Akoi Akanu, Lum Sing, and Yakoyama? Yokoyama?].

(Kuokoa, 7/22/1898, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXVII, Helu 29, Aoao 8. Iulai 22, 1898.

Artifacts from the 1895 Counter-Revolutionary War, 1912.


A Prisoner Found it While Digging up Dirt This Past Monday.


They were ammunition of the Monarchial Government Which Got There in the Revolutionary War.

Outside of Kapiolani Park last Monday, two artillery shells were found when the prisoners were in the middle of digging in the area where they are working; they are huge artillery that would have injured many if they had received those evil pills.

It was only by chance that the two shells were found, and it was lucky that the prisoner did not suffer injury when he came upon the shells as he hit one of them while digging with his pick; if it had blown up at that time, it would have been disaster, but that did not happen.

After the inmate perceived this solid thing that he was digging with his pick, he figured it was probably a rock or something, and put down his pick and began to dig with his hands.

While digging with his hands, he spotted something shiny like metal, and he kept at it until out from the dirt amazingly came two artillery shells from the same place.

A Chinese man who saw these two huge shells brought them here in town after wrapping them in newspapers so that they would not explode when knocking against something.

When it was understood where these shells appeared, there was confirmation from those who participated in the Civil War of 1895 that they were taken from the palace grounds by the soldiers of the government while the Hawaiian troops were gathering at the outskirts of Diamond Head.

(Kuokoa, 3/8/1912, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 10, Aoao 1. Maraki 8, 1912.