Writing on the wall, 1894.

The Day of Happiness is a Day of Sadness.

On this day, those who took our beloved land by force rejoice, and it makes a full years since they’ve feasted wastefully of the fertile soil of our mother land. This day is one of happiness for the circle of missionaries, plunderers of land, and overthrowers of the Hawaiian Kingdom, as well as for those who enter join their circle.

It is true, they will indeed rejoice; however, along with this joy, there is hurt within. Look at Belshazzar [Belehazara] the one whose boast went, “Am I not Belshazzar, the builder of the Great Babylon? Look at its shiny walls, its beautiful images, and its Throne has authority and might.”

However, let us recall, O Hawaiian Lahui, his story; what is known? it is this: That night, everyone was joyous, and drinking wine from cups sacred to Jehovah, Almighty God; and they praised Belshazzar for his great beauty. However, while the rejoicing was going on, there was seen part of a hand writing some words on the wall of the house—Mene, Mene, Setela, Uparesina; You have been weighed on the scales and have been found wanting. It was these astonishing words which caused a fear to fall over everyone in the house; and as for the king Beshazzar, he was shaking with trepidation at this amazing portion of a hand.

And that is what we are saying: the day of joy of the Government of the P. G. [Provisional Government], is the day that sadness will come; for we have seen their actions done over the past year. They were not actions done to move this land forward, but actions that were clearly harmful as well as squandering. Therefore O Pious Ones, do not forget to remember Jehovah, God, and he shall help us.

Puuwaialoha [“Loving-heart”]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 1/17/1894, p. 2)

Ka La o ka Hauoli oia no ka La o ka Luuluu.

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 856, Aoao 2. Ianuari 17, 1894.

3 thoughts on “Writing on the wall, 1894.

  1. And it was on January 17, 1895, the second anniversary, that the Republic opened the trials of the people arrested for “treason” in the revolt. Has anyone seen accounts in the Hawaiian papers about what happened on January 24, the day the Queen signed her forced abdication statement? According to “The Friend” (February 1, 1895) “On the 24th, while engaged in the trial of a company of natives, the Court was startled by the fall upon the table around which they sat of a massive bar of plaster from the lofty ceiling [of the Throne Room, where the trials were taking place.] The bar was nine feet long, forming part of a decorative panel. It fell upon the center of the table, precisely fitting the length of it. Col. Whiting had a narrow escape, his face being grazed, although protected by his military hat. The plaster had been loosened by a sharp shake of earthquake the night before.” The Queen signed the statement at 11 a.m.in the rooms directly above –perhaps even at the same time?

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  3. Months later, the Provisional Government would be no more. But that’s because it renamed itself the Republic of Hawaii, and this proclamation occurred on the steps of Iolani Palace on – not by chance – July 4, 1894. The intent for the Republic to become part of the USA was very clear.

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