Tarzan in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers, 1917–1931.

Just as the previous “Tarzan of the Apes” advertisement said, Kuokoa was running a Tarzan story while the movie was playing! Tarzan stories were apparently very popular as they were translated in the papers for many, many years.


“He Moolelo no Tazana, a i ole, Ka Hiena o na Ululaau Anoano o na Kapakai o Aferika” 11/30/1917–5/10/1918 (Tarzan of the Apes),

5/10/1918–11/8/1918 (Return of Tarzan)

11/8/1918–3/7/1919 (The Beasts of Tarzan)

“He Moolelo no Keaka Tazana: Ka Weli o na Ululaau Mehameha o Aferika a o ka Hoaloha o na Holoholona Ahiu” 11/7/1919–5/21/1920 (The Son of Tarzan)

“He Moolelo no Tazana a i ole, Ka Hiena o na Ululaau Anoano o na Kapakai o Aferika. Mahele II” 5/21/1920–10/8/1920 (Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar)

Hoku o Hawaii

“He Moolelo no Tarzan me ka Liona Gula” 3/22/1923–9/11/1924 (Tarzan and the Golden Lion)

“He Moolelo no Tarzan: Ke Alii o na Mabu ao ka Mea Laka Ole” 9/18/1924–3/1/1927 (Tarzan the Untamed)

3/8/1927–6/18/1929 (Tarzan the Terrible)

6/25/1929–12/22/1931 (Return of Tarzan) [Retranslated]

Ola o Hawaii

[Unfortunately, this publication is not online. I need to check for dates and title.]


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