Paulet arrives. 1843.


On the 10th of this Feb., the British man-of-war arrived here in Honolulu; the name of the ship is Carysfort; it is a large ship and yet is here in the harbor. Paulet is the name of its captain.

Here is another thing; the captain of this warship is not here with good intent; he did not fire his guns in salute; it is said that the problem is because of the denial of the new British Consul by the king. The King was sent for to come, and then they’d work it out. The haole here are having minor demonstrations in response to the ill will of the warship captain.

(Nonanona, 2/14/1843, p. 96)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 2, Pepa 19, Aoao 96. Feberuari 14, 1843.


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