A protest by the United States of America, 1843.


In the name and on behalf of the people of the United States of America and their Government, which the undersigned has the honor to represent, and in order to explain clearly for the information of all concerned, is issued, A PROTEST.

Whereas a provisional cession of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands was made by His Majesty Kamehameha III., King, and Kekauluohi Premier thereof, unto the Honorable George Paulet, Commanding Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship Carysfort, (to wit) on the twenty fifth day of February, eighteen hundred and forty three;—and whereas, the United States’ interests and those of their citizens resident in the aforesaid Hawaiian Islands are deeply involved in a seizure of His Majesty’s Government under the circumstances; as well as in the act of the aforesaid King and Premier acceding thereto under protest or otherwise, to affect the interests before cited: Now therefore be it known, that I solemnly Protest against every act and measure in the premises; and do Declare that from, and after the date of said cession until the termination of the pending negotiations between His Majesty’s envoys and the Government of Her Britannic Majesty, I hold His Majesty Kamehameha III., and Captain Lord George Paulet answerable for any and every act, by which a citizen of the United States, resident as aforesaid, shall be restrained in his just and undisputed rights and privileges, or who may suffer inconvenience or losses, or be forced to submit to any additional charges on imports or other revenue matters, or exactions in regard to the administration of any municipal laws whatever, enacted by the “Commission” consisting of His Majesty, King Kamehameha III., or his Deputy of the aforesaid Islands, and the Right Hon. Lord George Paulet, Duncan Forbes Mackay, Esq., and Lieut. Frere, R. N.

Given under my hand, on board the U. S. Ship Constellation, at anchor off Honolulu, Oahu, this eleventh day of July, eighteen hundred and forty three.

LAWRENCE KEARNEY, Commander in Chief of the U. S. Naval Force in the E. Indies.

(Nonanona, 7/25/1843, p. 21)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 3, Pepa 5, Aoao 21. Iulai 25, 1843.

Palapala hoole na Amerika Huipuia, 1843.


Ma ka inoa, a ma ka aoao hoi o na kanaka o Amerika Huipuia a me ko lakou aupuni, (owau, ka mea i kakauia ka inoa malalo, he luna au no ia aupuni) a i mea hoi e hoakaka aku i na kanaka a pau i kuleana ma keia mea, ua hoopukaia’ku nei,


No ka hoolilo ana o Kamehameha III, ke alii, a me Kekauluohi ke kuhina, i keia pae aina o Hawaii nei ia George Paulet, kapena o ka moku Beritania, Carysfort, ma ka la 25 o Feberuari, 1843; a no ka owiliia hoi o ka waiwai a me na hana a ko Amerika poe noho maanei, i loko o ia kaili ana o keia aupuni, a iloko hoi o ia hana a ke alii, a me ke kuhina, ma ia hoolilo ana, (me ka hoole paha, me ka ole paha)—

Nolaila, ke hoike aku nei au i keia: Ke hoole ikaika aku nei au i keia mau hana a pau.

Eia hoi ka’u e hai aku ai: Mai ka la ma i lilo ai keia aupuni a hiki i ka wa e pau ai ka hana pu ana a na luna o Kamehameha III, me ko Beritania aupuni, maluna o Kamehameha III, a me Kapena Haku George Paulet e kau ai ka hewa o kela hana, keia hana e poho ai ka pono akaka o ko Amerika poe e noho nei i keia pae aina. [O laua no ke hewa] ina paha e keakeaia ke kahi kanaka o Amerika Huipuia, a ina paha e poho ko lakou waiwai, a ina paha e koiia lakou e uku i dute hooi ma ka waiwai i laweia mai, a ma na mea e paha o ke aupuni, a ina paha e hooukuia lakou ma ka hooko ana i kekahi o na kanawai a pau i hanaia e “ka poe luna Beritania,” oia hoi ke alii, Kamehameha III, a o kona pani hakahaka paha, a me Haku George Paulet, a me Duncan Forbes Mackay Esquire, a me Lieutenant Frere, no ka manuwa Beritania.

Hanaia keia ma kuu lima maluna o ka moku manuwa o Amerika Huipuia, o Constellation ka inoa, a ke ku nei ia mawaho, ma Honolulu (Oahu.) i keia la umikumamakahi o Iulai, 1843.

LAWRENCE KEARNY, aliii nui maluna o na manuwa a pau o Amerika Huipuia ma Asia.

(Nonanona, 7/25/1843, p. 21)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 3, Pepa 3, Aoao 21. Iulai 25, 1843.

Warships, 1843.


There are six men-of-war [manuwa] docked in Honolulu, on this day, the 4th of August. Three of them are from Britain, and three are from America.

Here are the names of the British ships. (1.) Dublin, a frigate; Rear Admiral R. Thomas is the officer. The ships has 50 cannons.

(2.) Carysfort is a small frigate; its captain is Lord George Paulet; this ship has 26 cannons.

(3.) Hazard is a Sloop; Bell is the captain, and it has 16 cannons.

These are the names of the American ships.

(1.) United States is a frigate; Commodore Jones is the officer. The ship has 52 cannons.

(2.) Constellation is a frigate; Commodore Kearney is the officer; it has 46 cannons.

(3.) Cyane is a Sloop; its captain is C. K. Stribling; it has 20 cannons.

(Nonanona, 8/8/1843, p. 29)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 3, Pepa 6, Aoao 29. Augate 8, 1843.

Paulet arrives. 1843.


On the 10th of this Feb., the British man-of-war arrived here in Honolulu; the name of the ship is Carysfort; it is a large ship and yet is here in the harbor. Paulet is the name of its captain.

Here is another thing; the captain of this warship is not here with good intent; he did not fire his guns in salute; it is said that the problem is because of the denial of the new British Consul by the king. The King was sent for to come, and then they’d work it out. The haole here are having minor demonstrations in response to the ill will of the warship captain.

(Nonanona, 2/14/1843, p. 96)


Ka Nonanona, Buke 2, Pepa 19, Aoao 96. Feberuari 14, 1843.