Maori visit Hawaii, 1920.

This is Mr. J. K. Mokumaia with the Maori malihini, photographed before the statue of Kamehameha; they are Mr. and Mrs. Clark of New Zealand. The woman is the last kaukau alii [kaukaualii hope loa ??], and they came to do good works by strengthening the missionaries of the Latter Day.

[The text is pretty clear, but during the last decades of the newspapers, you will notice more and more typos, as you can see here.

If the newspapers were reshot clearly, the image would no doubt be much more crisp.]

(Kuokoa, 7/9/1920, p. 3)

Mr. J. K. Mokumaia keia...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 28, Aoao 3. Iulai 9, 1920.

3 thoughts on “Maori visit Hawaii, 1920.

  1. Aloha, My name is Sydney Lono, and I come from Waimanalo. This article is about my great-grand-uncle John Kulia “two gun” (JK) Mokumaia. My great grandmother is his sister Hattie Akneki (Mokumaia) Lemn.

    I am currently in the Kamakakūʻokalani School of Hawaiian Knowkedge here at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Furthermore, I am enrolled in a class doing research and archieval searches on my ancestors. I already knew about JK “two gun”, my great grandmother, and their parents. I was wondering if you ever came across their genealogy that was printed during the 1885?6 time? I am not sure if it even exist, but I seen this post, and was wondering if you found any further information.

    Please, your response will most definitely change the lives of my family, We have been working our genealogy since I was a little child. I hope to hear from you in the near future, but until then- me ke aloha pauʻole!

    Me ka ʻoiaʻiʻo,

    Sydney Lono

    • Aloha no. If there is anyone who would likely have a genealogy in the newspaper, it would be J. K. Mokumaia, who travelled Europe with Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Tour. Mokumaia is all over the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers, and he could very well be the single person with the most photographs found in them. With that said, i don’t recall finding a genealogy with him in it. Do check out the newspapers, and don’t pass over reading something that appears not genealogy related, because oftentimes people go off on tangents. Good luck!

      • Aloha e Nupepa,

        I am so grateful for your response. I have most definitely followed J. K. Mokumaia’s travels through his newspaper articles. I have been researching my ʻohana genealogy for some time, and now doing so, I care-take for their graves up at Puʻu omāʻo Paʻilina cemetery in Moanalua. I am so thankful for your website ans what its mission stand for. It is also great to hear that J. K. has most photos during that time.

        Mahalo ke akua,


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