Unknown newspaper begins, 1872.

[Found under: “Local News: Oahu.”]

The Newspaper “He Hawaii.” [The Hawaiian]—This is a new haole newspaper just published by the Printers of Black and Auld of this town, and it will continue to be published on the 15th of every month throughout the year. It is the same size as “Puowina” [Punchbowl], which rests the eternal rest; and it will be full of intelligent offerings, foreign and domestic news, and other matter found fit by the editors. We hope to see it progress.

[Although there are extant copies of “Punchbowl” held by the Hawaiian Historical Society, it seems that there are no surviving copies of “The Hawaiian”.]

(Kuokoa, 1/27/1872, p. 2)

Ka Nupepa "He Hawaii."

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XI, Helu 4, Aoao 2. Ianuari 27, 1872.

4 thoughts on “Unknown newspaper begins, 1872.

  1. Aloha mai,

    I may be wrong but I believe there are a few dates in the collection at BPBM. I seem to remember reading them and finding an article on olona.


  2. Aloha!
    I was looking for it on the online catalog, but just found a reference to another journal with the same title starting in 1895 and published by Gear and Mesick. Could this be what you found the olona article in?


  3. I think itʻs one of those things within BPBM archives that hasnʻt gotten processed but when i was working on Hawaiʻi Alive i remember seeing that newspaper. And actually Forbesʻ Hawaiian National Bibliography V3 P 527-28 #2952 lists some copies at a few places. “The Hawaiian” “Issued monthly between January 15 and November 15 1872, for a total of 11 issues…” (Hawaiʻi State Achives; BPBM; Hawaiian Historical Society, and Hawaiʻi State Library) Hope that helps. aloha


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