Royal Order of Kamehameha: the early days, 1903.

The Secret Society of the True Natives.

On the 11th of this month, on the day of Ka Na’i Aupuni [Kamehameha Day], a number of native youths established a secret society called “Kamehameha Order”. There are many respected Hawaiians who joined this association, and Prince Kalanianaole is the head of this group.

It is stated that this association will be spread across this Archipelago, and native Hawaiians will be allowed to join, should they be fitting.

One of their major functions will be trying to search out and to care for things from times of old, and the designating of the storied places [wahi pana] all over these islands.

Currently, there is a Historical Society [Ahahui Moolelo o ke Au Kahiko]¹, and they have a lot, but the oiwi Hawaii themselves must do something so that the famed ones of times past will live on, and also to foster things that will let the name of Hawaii live on in perpetuity.

¹The roster of active members of the Hawaiian Historical Society of 1903 read:

“Ables, L. C.; Achi, W. C.; Alexander, S. T.; Alexander, W. D.; Allen, S. C.; Allen, W. F.; Baldwin, H. P.; Banning, B. R.; Beckwith, Rev. E. G.; Beckwith, Miss Martha; Bertram, Bro. G.; Bishop, Rev. S. E.; Bolte, C.; Bowen, W. A.; Boyd, J. H.; Brown, Cecil; Brown, C. A.; Bryan, Wm. A.; Carter, A. W.; Carter, G. R.; Carter, Mrs. H. A. P.; Carter, J. O.; Cartwright, Bruce; Castle, G. P.; Castle, J. B.; Castle, W. R.; Catton, R.; Cooke, A. F.; Cooke, C. M.; Cooke, Jos. P.; Cunha, E. S.; Damon, F. W.; Damon, S. M.; Day, Dr. F. R.; Dayton, D.; Desha, G. L.; Dickey, C. H.; Dickey, L. A.; Dillingham, B. F.; *Dimond, W. W.; Dole, E. P.; Dole, Hon. S. B.; Dowsett, J. M.; Emerson, J. S.; Emerson, Mrs. J. S.; Emerson, Dr. N. B.; Emerson, Rev. O. P.; Emmeluth, J.; Fisher, J. H.; Frear, Hon. W. F.; Giffard, W. M.; Goodale, W. W.; Graham, W. M.; Haalelea, Mrs. A. A.; Hackfeld, J. F.; Hall, W. W.; Hartwell, A. S.; Hatch, F. M.; Henriques, E.; Herrick, C. F.; Hobron, T. W.; Ho Fon; Humphreys, A. S.; Hustace, C.; Irwin, W. G.; Jones, P. C.; Judd, Albert F.; Lewers, Robert; Logan, D.; Lowrey, F. J.; Lucas, George; Lyle, James; Lyons, C. J.; Mclanahan, E. B.; McGonagle, Chas.; McIntyre, H. E.; Mackintosh, Rev. A.; Magoon, J. A.; May, Thos.; Mott-Smith, E. A.; Nakuina, M. K.; Nolte, H. J.; Parke, W. C.; Peacock, W. C.; Pearson, Arthur W.; Pond, Percy M.; Potter, Geo. C.; Rhodes, C. L.; Robinson, M. P.; Rodgers, Dr. C. T.; *Ropert, Rev. F. G., Bishop of Panopolis; Rowell, W. E.; Schaefer, F. A.; Schmidt, H. W.; Searle, J. C.; Sedgwick, T. F.; Smith, G. W.; Smith, Henry; Smith, Walter G.; Smith, W. O.; Stokes, John; Swanzy, F. M.; Timmons, L. D.; Towse, Ed.; Thrum, T. G.; Thurston, L. A.; von Holt, H.; Walker, T. R.; Wall, W. E.; Waterhouse, H.; Weaver, P. L.; Westervelt, Rev. W. D.; Whiting, W. A.; Whitney, Dr. J. M.; Wichman, H. F.; Wilcox, A. S.; Wilcox, C.; Wilcox, G. N.; Williams, H. H.; Wilson, W. F.; Wodehouse, E. H.; Wood, Dr. C. B.; Wood, Edgar; Wundenberg, F.

(Kuokoa, 6/26/1903, p. 1)

Ka Hui Malu o na Oiwi Ponoi.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLI, Helu 26, Aoao 1. Iune 26, 1903.

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