Looking back at Princess Kaiulani, 1904.

The Drawing Room [Lumi Kahakii] of Princess Kaiulani.

[Does anyone know where this room was? I am sure the original image in the newspaper is much more clear. This is yet another reason to reshoot the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers before it is too late and they crumble into pieces…]

Ka Lumi Kahakii o ke Kama'liiwahine Kaiulani.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLII, Helu 18, Aoao 4. Aperila 29, 1904.

2 thoughts on “Looking back at Princess Kaiulani, 1904.

  1. Yes, this is an interior view of Ainahau. The contents were auctioned after the death of Kaiulani’s father, Archibald Cleghorn, the date of which I can’t remember. The house was turned into a hotel and eventually burned down. There is no trace of any of Ainahau or its grounds today in Waikiki, except for the name of Kaiulani Avenue. The Princess Kaiulani Hotel, despite its name, is located on a small portion of what was once the grounds of Ainahau, and is far away from where the house was.

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