Hauoli Makahiki Hou! 1906 / 2014.

Wishing you all a very happy 2014. This calendar is fashioned after the one given by the newspaper Aloha Aina in 1906 to its readers. It features a picture of the typesetters and the paperboys of the newspaper taken on December 30, 1905. Please feel free to save it onto your desktop and print it out and put it up on your wall or give it away to someone who you think will appreciate it!

I hope that with next year will come more exciting stories from the past which will encourage people to at least consider why the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers are important to us today and tomorrow. Perhaps it will encourage the individuals, agencies, and organizations who can benefit from the knowledge that the many, many kupuna thought important enough to entrust to the safekeeping of the pages of the Newspapers, to think about funding the rescanning as well as the conservation of the Newspapers, so that the information contained in them can be easily accessed by those of today and the generations to come…



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