Nipper and Hawaiian Music, 1917.


To insure Victor quality, always look for the famous trademark, “His Master’s Voice.” It is on every Victrola and every Victor Record. It is the identifying label on all genuine Victrolas and Victor Records.

All the fascination of Hawaiian music is in these Victor Records

There is a quaint and dreamy beauty to the music of Hawaii as it comes like the whispering breeze from the mid-Pacific. It breathes the lightsome spirit of this land of sunshine. Its laguorous rhythm is typical of Hawaiian life, of the swaying trees, the beating surf, of the joys and sorrow of this interesting music-loving people.

And all the enchantment of Hawaiian music, all the charms of their quaint instruments, all the peculiar beauties of their light voices are brought to you on Victor Records. You are in fancy transported to these far-off islands.

18132 10 in. 75c
On the Beach at Waikiki—Medley Hula (with Ukulele and Guitar by Louise and Ferera) Horace Wright-Rene Dietrich
My Luau Girl (with Ukulele and Guitar by Louise and Ferera) Horace Wright-Rene Dietrich

17701 10 in. 75c
Hawaiian Waltz Medley (Guitar Duet) Lua and Kaili
Kilima Waltz (Guitar Duet) Lua and Kaili

65344 10 in. 75c
My Honolulu Hula Girl In English and Hawaiian (with Quintette) E. K. Rose
One—Two—Three—Four In English Hawaiian Quintette

65348 10 in. 75c
Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) (Liliuokalani) Hawaiian Quintette
Kuu Home—Native Plantation Song (with Quintette) S. M. Kaiawe

17710 10 in. 75c
Honolulu March (Guitar Duet) Pale K. Lua-David Kaili
Kohala March (Guitar Duet) Pale K. Lua-David Kaili

17767 10 in. 75c
Hilo—Hawaiian March Irene West Royal Hawaiians
Wailana Waltz Irene West Royal Hawaiians

Hear this fascinating Hawaiian music today at any Victor dealer’s. He will gladly give you a copy of the special Victor catalog of Hawaiian Records, and play any music you wish to hear. And he will demonstrate the various styles of Victor and Victrola—$10 to $400.

Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.

Important Notice. All Victor Talking Machines are patented and are only licensed, and with right of use with Victor Records only. All Victor Records are patented and are only licensed, and with right of use on Victor Talking Machines only. Victor Records and Victor Machines are scientifically coordinated and synchronized by our special process of manufacture; and their use except with each other, is not only unauthorized, but damaging and unsatisfactory.

New Victor Records demonstrated at all dealers on the 28th of each month.


“Victrola” is the Registered Trade-mark of the Victor Talking Machine Company designating the products of this Company only.

Warning: The use of the word Victrola upon or in the promotion or sale of any other Talking Machine or Phonograph products is misleading and illegal.

[It is interesting to note that many of these records can still be heard today (although well worn) on Youtube!]

(Bismarck Tribune, 2/20/1917, p. 2)


The Bismarck Tribune, Twenty-Seventh Year, Number 43, Page 2. February 20, 1917.

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