Lohiauipo’s house disappears, 1892.

That Stone House.

A number of people at Kilauea, Kauai, on hearing of the excavation by the sea of the ancient stone house of Lohiau at Haena, started on Sunday, the 4th inst., to see that treasure, but they were greatly disappointed, as the sea had buried it again after it had remained in view for a week only.

The kamaainas of Haena showed the spot where the relic was, but no one dared to unearth it again. According to them, the stone was of immense dimensions, and required the combined strength of a large number of people to remove it.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 12/13/1892, p. 3)

That Stone House.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XVI, Number 3251, Page 3. December 13, 1892.

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