David Kanealii and his new wife visits the home of his parents, 1918.


O Editor of the Nupepa Kuokoa:—Please have patience for my package that I put before you, and place it upon one of the open decks of our newspaper, which will send it out so those from Hawaii Island will see it and those of Lehua Island will hear it.

On the 14th, Mrs. Napewai [? Naopuwai] Kanealii and her husband D. Kanealii left this town and went to Kauai, and in the morning of the 15th, we landed in Nawiliwili, were taken by the tossing of the machine to Wainiha and were lovingly welcomed in the home of Joseph Kanealii.

On the 16th, we saw the home that our beloved papa built for his children; but the sad thing is the house where D. Nuuhiwa, our beloved father, lived, was knocked over by the flood of this past January 1917, and Mrs. Kanealiiʻs heart was filled with sadness. On that day Mrs. Kala Opu and her husband arrived, and we came together in aloha and saw clearly the beloved home of all of us, the children of Rev. D. Nuuhiwa; and on the 18th, we saw Maunahina: Maunahina wreathed in a lei of palapalai lying in dew; we saw Opaekea, the source of the waters for the electricity of Paieie. The necks of the travellers were decked with fragrant lauae lei of Waikale; there we saw the tasty luau and viscous kikawaio of Keaaweuweu, we ate the oopu that feed on liko lehua of Hinanalele; we swam in the bracing waters that sting the skin of Homaikalani; we ate the popoulu and iholena bananas of Awini, and to you Mr. P. Kanehe goes my thanks for you help supplying the horses to return to Moloaa.

We ate of the fatty aholehole and the limu kohu of Kaakaanui. Kauai is filled with greatness. It is beautiful. And to all the friends who welcomed the malihini, the two of us give our thanks while asking the Heavenly Father to provide the kamaaina of Kauai with goodness and blessings, and to the Editor goes my wishes for a Happy New Year, and to the metal typesetting boys of the press goes my great appreciation.


[David Kanealii weds Mrs. Naopuwai Kua on July 5, 1917. Seen on p. 4 of Kuokoa 7/13/1917.]

(Kuokoa, 2/1/1918, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 5, Aoao 5. Feberuari 1, 1918.


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