Robert K. Bonine film, 1921.

Leper Settlement is Shown in New Aspect

An attractive and unusual film of scenes from the Molokai settlement has been displayed to a party of friends by Robert K. Bonine, Honolulu photographer and pioneer in the exposition abroad of Hawaii through the moving picture, reports the Advertiser. Among those at the “first night” at Mr. Bonine’s studio in the Oregon building were Dr. A. L. Dean, president of the University of Hawaii, Frederick E. Trotter, president of the board of health, and Dr. G. A. Barton.

Mr. Bonine’s latest film, as has been his object in former work, contradicts the popular idea of gloom and depression, and shows a happy and contented people, enjoying the sunshine and other good things of life. The making of the film was quite an occasion at the settlement. A parade was staged of members of fraternal societies and there were cowboys and Indians galore. Many phases of the life of the settlement are depicted. Lantern slides were also made. The film will be sent to Molokai for production at the settlement theater. A “still” photograph shows Dr. Dean on horseback, carrying the first package of chaulmoogra oil capsules, used so successfully in the new treatment.

Mr. Bonine has much film material yet to make up. Among the scenes are Secretary Daniels at Pearl Harbor, the formal acceptance of the dry dock by the federal government, the visit of the Prince of Wales and much volcano “stuff.” Blind wards of the settlement are enthusiastic patrons of the moving pictures at the theatre there, their companions describing the action of the film.

(Maui News, 1/14/1921, p. 6)

Leper Settlement is Shown in New Aspect

The Maui News, 21st Year, Number 1087, Page 6. January 14, 1921.


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