Mrs. A. B. Palea reports on news from Kauai, 1939.

Various news from Kauai

Kekaha, Kauai

Dec. 18.

With Appreciation to the Editor of the Newspaper Ka Hoku o Hawaii.

Much aloha between us.

Please allow me some room on the deck of our beloved esteemed one. And it will be for you to carry the bits of news of the Flower garden famed for the Cherished Scent of Mokihana.


Kekaha, Kauai: The birthday of one of our granddaughters, Hildren Kawehionapuanani Palea, was celebrated at the home of our children, Mr. and Mrs. W. Palea, Jr.

The ohana who came were:

Mrs. A. B. Palea

Mr. & Mrs. Wailiula, Mrs. Dora Fellez, Miss Emily Niau, Mr. and Mrs. F. Furtado, W. Lalana Furtado, F. Kamakanaokalani Furtado, G. Keolamauloa Furtado, Oleiponimoi Furtado, D. Kealohaokalani Furtado, Mr. and Mrs. P. Palea, Miss Kananiokaohu Palea, and me, the one who is writing this reflection.

It was for our grandchild who is two years old, and we give our thanks to our Almighty Father for blessing his young servant, her parents, and entire family. With appreciation.


Kekaha, Kauai. Some children went hunting for pig in the mountains of Kokee. The trail they took is lost. Several days past, and the boys of the C. C. C. were asked to go and search, and they were found wet by rain and cold, and lacking food, and hungry. These boys of the C. C. C. gave them food and it is believed they will survive.

If there weren’t these boys, what would have happened to these people. This should be a lesson to learn from for the future.


WAIMEA, Kauai. The hukilau nets are being pulled in these days. They catch a lot of fish, like opelu, hahalalu, hammer-head shark [ma-no kihikihi], and other fish.

These have been overcast [umamalu] days and the uplands look heavy, making you think it will rain, but that has not been the case and the day passes. Some days later, the conditions change. There is great appreciation for Him; let His will be done.


KEKAHA, Kauai. The Kekaha post office has moved and stands on different grounds, and its new look is truly lovely.

To the press goes my immense appreciation, and to the Owners of the Hoku o Hawaii goes my endless affection.


Mrs. Abbie P. Palea.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/27/1939, p. 1)

Hunahuna mea hou o Kauai

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 35, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 27, 1939.


2 thoughts on “Mrs. A. B. Palea reports on news from Kauai, 1939.

  1. This article was written by my Great Grandmother Abbie. The granddaughter of whom she speaks of is my mother Hildred. Thank you for translating and sharing this piece.



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