Mrs. A. B. Palea reports on news from Kauai, 1939.

Various news from Kauai

Kekaha, Kauai

Dec. 18.

With Appreciation to the Editor of the Newspaper Ka Hoku o Hawaii.

Much aloha between us.

Please allow me some room on the deck of our beloved esteemed one. And it will be for you to carry the bits of news of the Flower garden famed for the Cherished Scent of Mokihana.


Kekaha, Kauai: The birthday of one of our granddaughters, Hildren Kawehionapuanani Palea, was celebrated at the home of our children, Mr. and Mrs. W. Palea, Jr.

The ohana who came were:

Mrs. A. B. Palea

Mr. & Mrs. Wailiula, Mrs. Dora Fellez, Miss Emily Niau, Mr. and Mrs. F. Furtado, W. Lalana Furtado, F. Kamakanaokalani Furtado, G. Keolamauloa Furtado, Oleiponimoi Furtado, D. Kealohaokalani Furtado, Mr. and Mrs. P. Palea, Miss Kananiokaohu Palea, and me, the one who is writing this reflection.

It was for our grandchild who is two years old, and we give our thanks to our Almighty Father for blessing his young servant, her parents, and entire family. With appreciation.

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Niihau folks visiting Kauai and a mele for the famed Niihau shell lei , 1940.

[Found under: “Bits of News from Kauai”]


Those lei blossoms, the momi of Niihau of Kahelelani, Mr. and Mrs. Niau, and their daughter Mrs. Miriam Hanaike and her daughters, have arrived, and they are spending their days gazing at the beauty of Manookalani [Kauai], the flower garden famous for the fragrance of Mokihana. They will return to the land famous for the Shell Lei [Lei Pupu].

Niihau O Kahelelani Hula

1. A he nani Niihau o Kahelelani, Ko lei pupu e kaulana nei.

2. Hoohihi ka manao la ilaila, I ka pua lei Momi o Kahelelani.

3. Aohe ou lua ae like ai, E kaulana nei a puni ka honua.

4. He nani hoi kou, Ua kaulana hooipo ia nei e ka nui manu.

5. Puana ka inoa ua lohe ia, Ko pua lei momi poina ole.

6. Haina ia mai a na ka puana, A he nani Niihau o Kahelelani.

(Your writer has composed these lines of poetry.)

[Abbie P. Palea had a regular column in Hoku o Hawaii, writing about various happenings on Kauai. She often wrote in with poetic compositions by her own hand. Here is just one of them. Although you will find credit given to Joseph Kelly (Keʻale), at the Bishop Museum’s Niihau Shell Lei Exhibit going on now (see it while you can!), i would suggest that because there seems to be no counter claims in later newspapers to Palea’s statement, that “Niihau o Kahelelani Hula” was indeed written by her.

There is so much to be learned from the old Hawaiian-Language Newspapers!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 8/28/1940, p. 1)

Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 18, Page 1. Aukake 28, 1940.

Mrs. A. P. Palea


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 18, Page 1. Aukake 28, 1940.