New Kaahumanu Church, 1835.


Wailuku, Maui, July 27, 1835.

O Tinker—Rejoice with us, at your former place, because our church is complete. It is an adobe structure—but it is good nonetheless. The length is fifteen fathoms in length. Seven fathoms in width. There are five entrances, and they are complete with doors and hinges. There are fifteen windows with shutters. The inside of the building is plastered.

After it was complete, we consecrated the building to Jehovah, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. On that day, the house was filled—everyone could not fit inside. This is how we went about it.

1. We beseeched for assistance in the work that day of Jehovah, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. We read the words of God. II. Chronicles, chapter 6.

3. We sang, hymn 33.

4. We prayed.

5. We once again sang, hymn 52.

6. Words of God were explained. This is the passage. II Chronicles 6: 18. “But will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth?”

It is said,

1. God’s dwelling with man is amazing.

Because—He is a great God.—He is glorious—powerful—holy—he is good. His soul is immaculate—his thoughts are righteous—his deeds are correct. He is a jealous God, and he is loathe of vice.

And man is small—and weak—he is not good—his soul is unclean. He is rebellious. He is an enemy of God. How can God dwell with men on earth?

II. It is highly desired for God to dwell with man.

God dwelling with man will make man kind and truly righteous. This will make man able to keep the Sabbath—to live righteously in his house—to read correctly his words—and to pray righteously to him.

III. It is true that God dwells with those who want him.

In his house, God comes near, and dwells with those who enter with good thoughts.

With humility.

With prayer.

With willing mind.

He will be hungry and thirsty for good.

With conviction to follow all that God commands.

Lesser thoughts.

1. The good of the Sabbath is clear.

2. The house of God is holy.

And after these words were over, we gave the house to Jehovah, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, to be a house for him, and for him only—for all times.

Do pray—yes—pray to God for us so that this house that we built becomes a gateway to heaven.

J. S. G.

(Kumu Hawaii, 9/2/1835, p. 142)


Ke Kumu Hawaii, Buke I, Pepa 18, Aoao 142. Sepatemaba 2, 1835.

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