William H. Bailey donates grand clock to Kaahumanu Church, 1884.

A Generous Gift.

On the 7th inst, Mr. W. H. Bailey formally presented to Kaahumanu Church of Wailuku, a valuable Seth Thomas Tower Clock for the tower that has lately been erected on that building. It is of the Hotchkiss patent, strikes the hours and runs eight days. The dial is six feet in diameter and can be seen from a long distance. While Rev. Keaweamahi was pastor of the church, the members were very zealous in collecting a fund to erect the tower, which Mr. Bailey was cognizant of, and to encourage them, promised to give them a clock when they had completed the tower. He has now fulfilled his promise, and the people of the town, as well as the church members, are happy in the possession of a good timepiece which repeats the hours through the day and night. The trustees of the church thanked Mr. Bailey on behalf of the church and of the community. Mr. Bailey replied that he felt under obligations to the people of Wailuku, and having lived most of his life there, remembered the old edifice which was now replaced by the handsome structure wherein they were assembled, and felt glad of an opportunity of adding to the comfort of his friends near home.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 9/10/1884, p. 8)

A Generous Gift.

Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XIX, Number 37, page 8. September 10, 1884.

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