Story of Kamehameha by Walter Murray Gibson, 1880.

The Story of Kamehameha.

O Hawaii’s own! we are putting forth the beginning of the story of your famous Alii, the fearless conqueror of the Kingdom, the one whose name is spread and is famous all around the world. The Owner of this paper, the one who is writing, has had ample time to prepare. In 1862, Piianaia was met with and spoken with, and his recollections were written down; much was heard from Chief Kekuanaoa. These two men knew the nation conquering chief; much was heard from S Kamakau, and from J. H. Napela of Wailuku, and from some other who were familiar with the stories of those times gone by. Should there be any problems with what is written by the writer of the story of the famous  warrior Chief of Hawaii, he hopes that he will be corrected by Hawaiians who know more and are more familiar. And thereafter he will publish the story of of the one who established the Monarchy of Hawaii as a book, embellished with many fine illustrations so that the proud story of Hawaii’s great man is known by all of the children of the world. Welcome it and subscribe to it at once, so that you get all of the many columns of this story.

[This is an announcement for the story of Kamehameha called, “Kamehameha! Ka Na_i Aupuni!” which runs in the Elele Poakolu from 10/6/1880 to perhaps 11/24/1880 (without a conclusion). Unfortunately, this newspaper is not available online as of this date.]

(Elele Poakolu, 10/6/1880, p. 4)

Ka Moolelo o Kamehameha.

Ka Elele Poakolu, Buke I, Helu 5, Aoao 4. Okatoba 6, 1880.

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