On the moving of the Na-ha Stone to Hilo Library 100 years ago, and its history (6 of 6), 1915.

….all of the districts from Hawaii all the day to Kauai, however, if Naha is shook and removed by you today from where it lies, it will be the removing of binds that secure the Districts. You will then live; your people will live; and I too will live, the Kahuna.

When the Prophetess Kalaniwahine was done speaking, it was at that point that Kamehameha traced his strong hands upon the good places to grab on to the stone, and then Kamehameha made ready to attempt to move the Naha Stone; the eyes of the all the people were fixed on him. When the hands of Kamehameha were locked onto the sides of the stone, Kamehameha spoke these words of prayer. “E! You are a Naha, the Alii who frees your kapu is a Naha Chief, and I am a Niaupio, the arching smoke of the forest. [??? E! He Na-ha oe, he Na-ha hoi ke Alii e noa ai kou kapu, a he Niau-pio hoi wau, a he uwahi pio i ka wao laau.]”

That was when Paiea pried the stone with amazing strength, and that Pohaku Alii did indeed move, and then the people surrounding the place where Kamehameha was moving the Naha Stone felt a rumbling of the land there, and some actually thought an earthquake was assisting Kamehameha. The Alii and Makaainana truly saw the moving of the Sacred Pohaku of the Naha Alii Line, and that it was shook by the amazing strength of Kalaninui Kamehameha. They realized the earlier words of the Prophetess Kalaniwahine came true, and some Alii immediately knew that this young Chief would become the person to shake the Islands of this Archipelago. This moving of the Naha Stone became something to always to encourage Kamehameha thereafter, and during heated battles on the battlefields to come, the moving and overturning of the Naha Stone was always in the fore of Kamehameha’s memories, and it was something that always bolstered his thoughts thereafter.

“Aloha oe, My Cousin of my piko. Listen to what your Cousin [Keaweokahikona] has to say. It is fine that you have moved the Naha Stone today, something that was unable to have been moved by anyone in the past, except this Cousin of yours. I tell you today, you are the point of my spear, and to you I offer my knowledge in warriors, therefore, let us live as Cousins; you will recognize me and I shall recognize you; you will visit me and I will visit you. And your malo is what I will wear and that malo will be free of kapu for me, and mine will be your malo to wear. That is how our relationship will be right from here forth.”

It is true, the reason for Kamehameha came here in Hilo was fulfilled, and the words of his Cousin, Keaweokahikona were very fine in the mind of Kamehameha, and after that Keaweokahikona’s following through on the words he put before Kamehameha; and at the first battlefield of Kamehameha at Mokuohai, Keaweokahikona’s leaving of the side of his own Father, Keawemauhili folk was seen, and he committed treason and assisted Kamehameha, and his was an unbreakable love for Kamehameha until he was poisoned at the house that his Mother built for Kamehameha, which was called “The House Without Rats. [Ka Hale Iole Ole].” But Kamehameha gave no assistance whatsoever in that murderous act by some of his Chiefs, for the fine words of Keaweokahikona made him cherished by Kamehameha, and on the battlefields that Kamehameha waged war, his Cousin Keaweokahikona did indeed lend the point of his spear to Kamehameha, dedicated to the glory of Paiea Kamehameha.

When Kamehameha heard of the death of Keaweokahikona, this caused the famous Conqueror of the Nation great grief, and he did not approve of that killing done to his Cousin.

The Naha Stone was moved by Kamehameha and let the Honolulu Stone [Pohaku o Honolulu] be moved for the well being [“OLA”] of the Hoku of ours.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/23/1915, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 10, Helu 29, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 23, 1915.

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