On the moving of the Na-ha Stone to Hilo Library 100 years ago, and its history (5 of 6), 1915.



In the morning of another day, when the rays of the beautiful sun shone on Kumukahi and warmed the cold and damp earth, this young Chief of the Apaapaa winds of Kohala woke, and before taking the morning meal, they prepared for their journey to see the Naha Stone, and this journey of Kamehameha to see it was accompanied by the Chiefs of Hilo. The Chiefly Mother of the Chiefs, Ululani, also was in accompaniment, as well as her court and many of Hilo’s dignitaries. Amongst these going with the malihini Chief was Kalaniwahine, the Royal Prophet, who was escorting her hanai Chief who travelled across the sea along with her. This Prophetess was the one who instructed Kamehameha to go to Hilo to meet with his piko, the Alii in the line of High Naha Chiefs, that being Keaweokahikona, the strongest one known in those days. On this procession of Kamehameha to see the Naha Stone, Keaweokahikona also was accompanying his Chiefly Cousin, but he did not believe in the ability of Kamehameha to move the Naha Stone for it was a kapu stone of the Alii Class who had the Naha Kapu and the other lines of Alii had no rights to it; and it was this Keaweokahikona who was the only one known of who could move this Royal Pohaku.

At this time when Kamehameha folks were on the move, the Chiefly Mother of theirs spoke to him with these words:

“O My Keiki Lani Alii, you may know that this Naha Stone is only free of restrictions to all the Chiefs of the Naha Class. They are the only ones who can tread upon its kapu, only that Chiefly Class can climb upon it and shake its peaceful rest. They are the only ones sanctified to overturn this famous pohaku of the Chiefly Naha Class. You, O my Heavenly Chief, you are of the High-Ranking Chiefs of the Niaupio Alii line, and perhaps that will block your path towards you moving the Naha Stone.”

In response to these words of their Chiefly Mother, this Kalaninui Kamehameha made no response to those words of the Mother Ululani. He just continued to walk towards where the Naha Stone lay at the front of the Heiau of Pinao. When the Royal Procession reached the place of the Naha Pohaku, Kamehameha stood near the Royal Stone and he groaned, for he saw firsthand how tremendous size of this wondrous stone. At this time, Kamehameha said these words before the people who had gathered.

“This is truly not a stone, but an actual mountain. Perhaps my chances of moving it is very slim. One thing barring me from moving it is that this is a stone that can be stood upon only by the Naha Chiefly Class. But what of that. I will try with just my strength and should it not be overturned by me, then it is a stone that is bound by the law, however, if it is moved by me, then, it is by strength and through god that I will receive the tributes of the lands. Here I will meet with my blood relative [Keaweokahikona, his piko], and on this day the umbilical cord will be severed [wehe ka piko], O My Cousin.”

When Paiea Kamehameha was speaking these words with everyone surrounding the area listening, a blazing glowing red was seen in the eyes of that Napoleon of the Pacific, and his cheeks were flushed bloody red. And as for his overall appearance, his whole being exuded an incredible aura and fear struck the Chiefs watching the blazing eyes of Kalaninuimehamehaikamakaohaloa.

When Kamehameha was done speaking these words, he began to adjust his position and ferocious eyes looked for places to stick in his hands, but before he tried to budge the Naha Stone, his hands grasped his Chiefly Lord, that being the Prophet Chiefess Kalaniwahine, and that Prophetess spoke these words: “My dear Chief! The Naha Stone will be shook by you this day; this will be the shaking of…

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/23/1915, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 10, Helu 29, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 23, 1915.

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