Funeral of Konia, 1857.

The Funeral of Konia.

The obsequies of the late chiefess Konia were performed on Tuesday, and notwithstanding the sickness which has been so general prevented numbers of persons from attending, the aggregate of those collected to show their respect on the occasion was very large, whilst the crowd that thronged both sides of the streets, as the procession moved along, was so great as to require a strong force to preserve the line of march from the late residence of the deceased lady to the Royal cemetery, in which the coffin was placed. The religious services were performed by the Rev. Mr. Clark, and the ceremony was conducted throughout with a decorum and feeling which was remarked by all present.

(Polynesian, 8/8/1857, p. 108)

The Funeral of Konia.

The Polynesian, Volume XIV, Number 14, Page 108. August 8, 1857.

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