Acrostic Poem for King Lunalilo, 1873.


Nuhou nui ma Hawaii,
Ua pau na Kamehameha,
Hooholo na makaainana,
O Lunalilo ka Moi.
Ua paa ka noho alii,
Hiki ole ke hooni;
Ala like na kanaka,
Wahine me kamalii,
A hoomaikai, olioli pu,
Ia ka Lani Lunalilo,
I ko lakou Moi hou.


There is great news in Hawaii,
The Kamehamehas are over,
The citizens decided,
Lunalilo is the King.
The throne is secure,
It cannot be swayed;
Risen together are the men,
Women and children,
Praising and rejoicing together,
For the King Lunalilo,
Their new Monarch.]

[The first letter of each line spells out “Hawaiian News” which is the name of the newspaper it appears in as well.]

(Nuhou, 10/14/1873, p. 1)


Nuhou, Volume 2, Number 23, Page 1. October 14, 1873.

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