Google Translate, 2016.

I was excited when I read the news this morning in the Honolulu Star Advertiser. I thought I might have been able to give this site up… I guess we all have to start somewhere!


This extension of the Kona and Kohala, and called the name of the heap after ThomasBrightoftheCarlton, one of the highest structures of Hawaii is famous in the history book of kings lieutenants of Hawaii Corr.

For the coming retainer with the troops camped in this place, and set the marshals heap and called the name of The Ahua-Lono,” after the name of Thomas King structures. So shoot the name of this heap of stones until this day kiahoomanao operations built by the renowned chief retainer for the new generations of this I remember the famous works of the our fathers have gone through the sacred name of Thomas.


Ok, that was unrealistic, but:


I am sure there will come a day that it will read better. I applaud Google for this first step!

4 thoughts on “Google Translate, 2016.

  1. Google speaks English like a native, just haven’t been able to figure out what planet google is a native from….
    Your own hard work is appreciated! Sincerely! (More so now…) ;-)


  2. Wait, are you saying there’s some kind of problem with the Google translation? It seems perfectly sensible to me…

    Well, perhaps not. I have used this function on YouTube and for things in Russian and/or Chinese which I cannot even read at all, it does have some value. You immediately see how screwy a lot of the results are, though. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to replace actual human brains performing translations.


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