English announcement of officers and writers of the Kuokoa, 1867.

English Column.

To Our Patrons.

The Kuokoa wishes all its English speaking Patrons and Friends, a Happy New Year!

The Newspaper Kuokoa, entering on its sixth volume, may now certainly be considered one of the permanent Institutions of these Islands. We purpose that it shall continue true to its name of “Independent” in every proper and noble degree;—more and more developing Hawaiian talent—contributing to good morals, and civilization, and above all, to the holy religion of Jesus.

We are happy in being able to announce that President W. D. Alexander of Oahu College, and the Rev. O. H. Gulick Principal of Waialua Female Seminary, will take part with the Editors of the last two years, in the Proprietorship and Editorial Supervision of the “Kilohana Pookela o ka Lahui.” All who understand aught of the labor, responsibility, and risk, involved in the preparation and publication of a good Newpaper in the Hawaiian Language, will have no difficulty in understanding that this enterprise is engaged in only from a sense of obligation to assist in elevating our Hawaiian Fellow Countrymen.

In addition to the above editorial force, the columns of the Kuokoa will be greatly enriched by the assistance of a large body of Special Contributors.

Mr. C. J. Lyons, whose very valuable contributions have added to the variety of our News and editorial Columns during the last six months, will assist still more systematically than before, having special charge of the preparation of Foreign News.

The Rev. Mr. Kuaea, Pastor of Waialua will write often. S. M. Kamakau, the native Historian of Hawaii nei will continue his invaluable series on Kamehameha V. The Rev. C. B. Andrews, of Lahainaluna, will write on Agriculture and Education, as heretofore. Messers. G. W. Kanuha, and D. Malo, will enliven our pages with contributions in general literature.

And last, but not least, the Rev. L. Lyons, the rightly called “Watts of Hawaii nei,” will continue to tune his harp to the beautiful songs of Zion inspired by the muse of Waimea, and will accompany them with his poetical annotations.

We are thankful to all Subscribers and Agents for their help during the year past, and we bespeak the same, and more, for the year 1867!  L. H. Gulick,

Business Editor.

(Kuokoa, 1/5/1867, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VI, Helu 1, Aoao 3. Ianuari 5, 1867.

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