Story of Lonoikamakahiki as told by Wille Sepe. Kawa Jr., 1887–1888.




High Chiefly Offspring of Kalani.

The Great Alii of Hawaii.


(The Author should make clear that although this Lahuikanaka was accustomed to memorizing things, there nonetheless are variations between what this person and that memorized. And it is from what is memorized by this Writer, it is on that path that he will travel until this Moolelo is complete.)

I must clarify the ancestors of the alii who this moolelo is about. So that the new generations of the Hawaiian People know the kupuna and makua and older brothers and younger brothers and the sisters of their alii for whom this famous story rises.

Kiha (m) lived with Kaohikinuiokalani (f), and born between them were the chiefly children, five in total. Here are each of their names:

Liloa (m), after him there were twins, Laeanui (f), Kaumanamana (f), Kalani (m), Pinea (f).

Liloa lived with his own sister, Pinea, and born was Hakau (m), that being Hakaualiloa. It is said that Hakau was a Pi’o Chief.

Liloa lived then with Akahiakameenoa (f), born was Umi (m), that being Umialiloa.

Here is story about this child: When Liloa and Akahiakameenoa (f) were acquainted bodily, Liloa told Akahiakameenoa, “If you go on to give birth to our child, and should it be a girl, then name it for your side, but should you go on to have a boy, name him Umi.

“And raise him until he is grown, and when he asks about his father, where is my father? Then give him this malo—that is this Malo of Puakai kapa, and this Kauila Club, that being the Kauila of Puukapele, and this Lei, that being the Niho Palaoa, Nalukoki, that being the name of the lei Niho Palaoa. And tell him go down and find me in Waipio—in the grounds of the home at Pakaalana, and if the sacred cord, Ahaula, is hung, he is to cross above it, and the large gray-haired man lying at the low door is your father, that is Liloa the High Ruling Chief; go straight to him and sit upon his lap.—For him is the sacred platform of Liloa [Paepae kapu o Liloa].

Laianui (f) and Kaumanamana (f), their husbands and children are not shown.

So let us move our thought on to the only child left of Kiha and Kaohikinuiokalani, that being Kalani, Kalaniakiha.

Kalani lived with Kanaloakuaana (f), the daughter of Kaomealanilimakapu (m), the Alii of Hilo. Born was Puapuakea.

Kalani then lived with Ilikeamoana, the daughter of Moana (m), the alii of Napoopoo. Born was Lonoikamakahiki, the Offspring of Kalani. Therefore Napoopoo was a land of chiefs, the land of birth of the mother of the subject of this Moolelo…

[That is the opening of the story told by Wille Sepe. Kawa Jr. on Lonoikamakahiki which runs in the Kuokoa from 1/29/1887 and comes to a close on 6/16/1888. I have not found any information on this man, nor have I come across any other of his writings. Might anyone know his story?]

(Kuokoa, 1/29/1887, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXVI, Helu 5, Aoao 4. Ianuari 29, 1887.

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