Kamehameha Day preparations, 1916.

Please Give Your Help for Our Holiday


At the discussion meeting held at the office of Edgar Henriques in the McCandless Brothers Building, chaired by Mayor John C. Lane of the executive committee and the secretary of that committee William E. Miles. The members who gathered for that meeting other than those named above were: Edgar Henriques, Jesse Uluihi, Mrs. H. H. Webb [Lahilahi Webb], Mrs. S. C. Dwight, Mrs. Abraham Fernandez, Louis Makanani and James K. Nakila.

The schedule prepared for the coming birthday of Kamehameha, that is Monday, the 12th of June, being that the 11th is a Sunday, is like this: Parade in the morning from Aala Park of the various Societies and the public. 8:30 a. m., under the direction of the Marshal of the day, Robert Waipa Parker, when reaching the government building where the statue of Kamehameha stands, the procession will surround the statue with each tossing flowers by the statue, and everyone in the parade should please have a bouquet of flowers in their hands.

Those that stand near the Kamehameha statue will be the Hale o na Alii Association with the war god of Kamehameha, Kukailimoku; from there the procession will go on to the palace grounds [palii] for short speeches given that morning, but the speakers have not been chosen as of yet. It was left for the chairman of the executive committee to decide, that being Mayor John C. Lane, and the names of the speakers will be announced at the appropriate time.

That evening, there will be a big dance held at the armory, and at the palace grounds, there will be a great pageant [tabalo] never seen before; the idea behind that is this: those who want to dance and perhaps spin their partners [pa-ka-na], the place for them to whirl about [hoopokakaa] is in the armory; and for those who want to see the deeds of the ancient times, the should be in the palace grounds; these entertainments above is at no cost to those who attend, the committee will not charge the public like that of the recent George Washington Day, filling their pockets; this is not like that, so all of you Hawaiians on Oahu, don’t forget to arrive in the morning to march in the parade and show the foreign lands that here are the Hawaiians who prize their holiday, and above all that the 11th of June is the day  that Hawaii’s Napolion was born, the one who united all of the islands of Hawaii, bringing peace, for before that the people were simply killed at the desire of the chiefs of each island or each district.

At this meeting of the committee, they decided to hold a dance at the armory on the 22 of this month (April) and sell tickets to all Hawaiians at the cost of fifty cents (50c), and the total number of tickets to be sold is 3000, totaling $1,500; therefore, O Hawaiians, when these tickets pass before your faces, please give your olive leaf of love to assist in the events to be held on the day of our Nation Conquering Kamehameha I, known by heart by all Hawaiians.

From Ke Aloha Aina, we encourage all Hawaiians to stand behind this great endeavor for the only holiday remaining for Hawaiians.

In closing, we hope that the Hawaiians give their help by purchasing tickets when they appear before you; by your doing so, you  show that you are a true Hawaiian, or if not, you are not a Hawaiian.

(Aloha Aina, 4/8/1916, p. 2)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XXI, Helu 26, Aoao 2. Aperila 8, 1916.

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