Another beached whale, 1901.



Some of the natives living at Keei, Hawaii made a rich find last Saturday. They caught a 32 foot whale. The leviathan was not harpooned while in the deep water but was washed ashore and caught close to the beach.

Just how the whale came to be washed ashore is not certain. It was alive when it was first discovered in the shallow water early Saturday morning. It is not improbable that a drove of sharks attacked the monster and in desperation the whale swam madly in shore in the hopes of escaping from the attacks of the sharks. If such had been the desire, the attacks of the sharks were escaped but the surer attacks from the natives followed.

The whale was soon dispatched and hauled on the beach. The natives lost no time in cutting up the whale and dividing the spoils. Purser Willie Simerson says that he heard nothing of any ambergris being discovered in the carcass of the whale so it is not probable that this very valuable quality of the leviathan was found in this particular whale.

The steamer Mauna Loa had an experience with two whales while at Hoopuloa Saturday night. Two large whales swam close to the vessel and disported themselves right by the sides of the boat. Their bodies were several times heard scraping against the side of the vessel. Purser Simerson secured a rifle for the purpose of shooting at them but the whales disappeared before he could get a good chance to shoot at either. A number of whales were evidently off the Hawaii coast last week as the pair reported by the Mauna Loa were evidently stray members of the herd. It has been some months since whales came so close in shore.

(Hawaiian Star, 1/30/1903, p. 8)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume X, Number 3390, Page 8. January 30, 1903.

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