Whale vs Shark, 1909.


Seeing a fight between a Shark and a Whale was something entranced the tourists of the Moana Hotel outside of Waikiki at ten o’clock or so in the morning of this past Wednesday.

Just as the tourists usually do when staying at that hotel, they often go out to the lanai to watch the steamships leaving Honolulu Harbor, and that is why they gathered on the lanai to watch the departure of the Steamship Alameda.

When the Alameda was nearing directly outside of the hotel, the jumping of a huge whale was seen, as it kept striking its tail upon the surface of the sea.

What the whale was doing at that time was not known, but when looking with a telescope [ohenana], it was seen that the whale kept spinning about because of something else in the sea; and something black was seen at one point appearing above the surface.

From what the tourists saw, the whale was somewhere between sixty feet and a hundred forty feet.

That was a truly large whale from what was understood about its size. There was a fishing canoe floating near where the whale continued to jump, and when they saw this wondrous one, the fishermen started paddling their canoe at once to get away from this peril.

(Kuokoa, 4/16/1909, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVI, Helu 15, Aoao 1. Aperila 16, 1909.

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