Flag poles stand in wait, 1893.


This past Monday the flag pole of Mr. and Mrs. Kamakaia was raised by the deft work of Sam Kaloa, and it stands with great honor. There are 30 or more flag poles have the honor of being made and put up by our friend, awaiting the day that the wondrous song will be sung—“Hawaii Ponoi—Nana i kou Moi!” And the famous words are proclaimed—”Ua mau ke ea o ka Aina i ka Pono!”—”Ka Hae nani o Hawaii e mau kou welo ana!” And in conclusion the voices of thousands of true Hawaiians will call out—

“Long Live the Queen!”

(Hawaii Holomua, 6/28/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 252, Aoao 2. Iune 28, 1893.

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