Kaahumanu Society on Kauai, 1918.


At the Hawaiian Church of Lihue, on Saturday, December 8, at 10 a.m., the one year meeting of the Society of the Kaahumanu Mothers, with the opening with the 2nd hymn of Leo Hoonani [“All the Way my Savior Leads me”], and the prayer from the mother, Mrs. Kaoo Kolohaiole, the preacher of the Society, (the prayer of the preacher was so very filled with reverence).

The proceedings of the society began with the calling of the president, Mrs. Mileka Kahele, and the head secretary of the society, Mrs. Eliza K. C. Holt.

The report of the secretaries and the treasurer were taken up, starting with Lihue, Kapaa, Koolau, and the Waiulailiahi of Waimea; the mothers performed quickly and skillfully and I give my great praise for their presentations, in their vigilance and preparedness; there some fathers who would not be able to conclude presentations like the heads of each district; the society talked about the members who died and the need for making donations for them.

The president of the society, Mrs. Mileka Kahele, stood, and gave her great admiration and thanks to the heads of each of the societies for their vigilance in their work, and their patience is fulfilling their duties skillfully and promptly, and her thanks as well to the sister mothers of the society for joining them this day, on the first anniversary of the society, and asked all of the member to get together again on the holiday of Ka Na’i Aupuni Kamehameha, June 11, when they convene again here in Lihue.

The president spoke of the joining of new members, they being the mother Mrs. Minnie K. Maioho, Mrs. Ah Wo, and the young women, Miss Esther M. Kaiwi, Miss Louisa K. Kaiwi, Miss Cecilia K. Kapule and Miss Magarita Montgomery; there were six of them, and the president gave words of encouragement; all of the members of the society stood up, and lei were given to each new member; and the mothers and the entire society sang the song of Kaahumanu, and it was awesome to hear the joint cheering of all the mothers of that famous mele for that Chiefly Mother Kaahumanu; there were some other duties until the time the lunch was held that was prepared by the mother president and her mother assistants, Mrs. Kalei Montgomery, Mrs. H. Josepa I, Mrs. K. Kolohaiole, the young and nimble waitresses, Mrs. Louisa Nakata, Miss Esther M. Kaiwi, Miss L. K. Kaiwi, Miss Cecilia K. Kapule, and Miss M. Montgomery and the treasurers and the Deputy Sheriff Enoka Lovell and Mr. Kalei Montgomery and Mr. Hoaka, the paoahi nui [?].

While the mother members of the society came in and sat about the tables prepared with the delicacies which made one salivate; at the head of the makai table was the Father, the Hon. W. H. Rice, Mrs. R. L. Wilcox, Mrs. H. D. Sloggett and the head teacher of Kapaa, Mrs. Burke, and Miss Cummings and Miss Dunn, Mrs. W. N. Stewart and the Honorary Mother of the Society, Mrs. S. Wilcox, and some other dignitaries of this island which I do not have their names; also there was the Sheriff of Kauai, W. H. Rice Jr.; where Hanare [Hunger] fought with Keoni Bulu [Full] and Hanare ran in fear, but that boy Hanare was a boaster of its strength; also there was the spry, plump Deputy Sheriff of the pouring rains of Hanalei, William Werner, and some of his officers who are quick and alert.

While the crowd filled the chairs, the mother president called the father James H. K. Kaiwi to give a prayer; there was prayer and the amen; at that time I saw that daughter of mine eating a rich aholehole of the pond of Alekoki; rich and delectable was the talk I heard over the table; the pig laulau with the fatty beef from Kalanipuu, Niumalu, the opihi from Kaakaaniu and the limu kohu from there as well, the inamona, the sweet potato, along with the other delicious foods brought together and which crowded the tables, and when you saw it, you were entranced.

After lunch, the society convened once again and the rest of the proceedings were held; the proceedings went well, and the mothers were spry in explaining the items before the society; you laughed heartily at some things, and you were very happy at the things for their being truly explained well before the society. Forward O Mothers of Kaahumanu.

There was discussion and a unified decision by the society that they would meet once again here in Lihue, on the holiday of Kamehameha, the 11th of June; also discussed was the general fund of $68.50; the party donations, $114; the expenses for the party, $18; perhaps between 130 and 140 members attended; some did not attend and stayed home because of some trouble, and some left, and some came from Oahu; there was much praise for the fine works of the society of mothers.


(Kuokoa, 1/4/1918, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 1, Aoao 2. Ianuari 4, 1918.

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