Lahilahi Webb on Kahuku connection to Waipahu, 1939.


Editor The Advertiser:

In the Advertiser this morning, May 16, I saw the article “Underground Channel May connect Kahuku and Waipahu.” I have heard about this water of Waipahu coming from Kahuku, frommy childhood. My mother’s people were kamaainas of Waikele and the Ewa district. Also my granduncle, Kapepu Kauila, familiarly known as Kapepu, the Konohiki nui of Waikele and Waianae.

As I have heard it told, a woman dropped her kapa mallet or beater, in a spring at Kahuku, not knowing there was an underground passage. She thought no more of her kapa beater. Walking from Kahuku till they got to Waikele she saw the water rushing and it made her thirsty. While drinking her kapa beater flew out and down Poniohua stream. I have sen the water flow out from the underground spring for years. I was sorry to see it closed up by the plantation. I think I was the one who told Mr. G. McAllister about this Waipahu spring.

I wish some one could go down to the Pauhala Homesteaders at Waikele. Mrs. Kapeka Baker, who is the only kamaaina there now, was born and raised there. She would be better able to give the names of where the water flowed and thereabouts. She is my namesake, 76 years old and has always lived at Waikele. All the places around there have their own names.


(Advertiser 5/23/1939, p. 14)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 83rd Year, Number 18,837, Page 14. May 23, 1939.

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