Edward Kahale, new Hawaiian language instructor at UH, 1945.

Appointed to Position

We received the happy news that Rev. Edward Kahale, the kahu of Kawaiahao Church, was appointed as Hawaiian language instructor at the University of Hawaii. He will start when the Government School start in the coming Fall, and he will take the place of Professor Henry P. Judd (Kauka), who will leave the position on the last day of August of this year.

The board of trustees [papa kahu malama waiwai] of Kawaiahao Church decided to allow Rev. Kahale to become a Hawaiian teacher at the University of Hawaii only during his sabbatical.

Professor Judd, like Kahale, holds a position as a reverend, and became a Hawaiian language teacher at the University of Hawaii from 1934. He filled the space left open by John H. Wise, who passed away in 1937. Before Mr. Wise was appointed to that position in 1926, the Hawaiian language teaching was done by Fred W. Beckley.

This is a very high position come upon by one of our Hawaiians. The teaching of our mother tongue is no small thing, unlike how some people think that the Hawaiian language is really easy. The Hawaiian language is not easy, but it is difficult.

This is an honor received by Rev. Edward Kahele. He is a man, fluent in the two languages, that we have pride in.

We pray that your performance of your new job progresses, O Good reverend. May God assist you always. He will always help you to spread our mother tongue. “Congratulations.”

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/4/1945, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIX, Number 50, Aoao 1. Apelila 4, 1945.

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