Stephen Reynolds supports education of half-castes, 1847.


Mrs. Gummer’s School.—On Monday last an examination of Mrs. Gummer’s scholars took place at the residence of Stephen Reynolds, Esquire, Consul for the city of Bremen. This gentleman has for years distinguished himself as the active benefactor of children belonging to the class familiarly known as half-castes. It was he who first suggested the idea of a school to Mrs. Gummer, in which children of that class and of whites should be received indiscriminately. The preliminary difficulties to its establishment were overcome, mainly, through his exertions and the perseverance of Mrs. Gummer.

The scholars were examined in reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic, Scripture History and geography, in all of which branches they discovered a progress quite surprising, considering the brief period of Mrs. Gummer’s tuition.

The specimens of fancy needlework were very much admired, and so were some of the recitations of hymns and passages from Shakespeare.

Where all acquitted themselves so creditably, it would be invidious to single out any as objects of special praise.

Among the ladies and gentlemen who attended upon the occasion, there was only one feeling of satisfaction expressed.It is greatly to the honor of Mrs. Gummer, that with all her weighty domestic cares. she applies her talents and accomplishments to a purpose so useful; and it is not less so to Mr. Reynolds that he devotes so much of his time and money in furtherance of the same laudable object.

(Polynesia, 2/27/1847, p. 166)


Polynesian, Volume 3, Number 41, Page 166. February 27, 1847.

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