May Day is Lei Day in Hilo, 1941.

Day to Don Lei

Tomorrow is a great day here in Hilo; it is the day to wear lei, and everyone will be seen walking on the streets with lei.

Because tomorrow has become the day to wear lei, the Civic Club of Hilo took steps to hold a grand exhibit, and it will be shown to the public.

This event is held every year by this association, and this they expanded it by planing to have a grand entertainment at Kalakaua Square. At the same time, the queen who recently was victorious at the Holoku Ball this past month will preside while those that did not win the contest will be her attendants.

Joining in on the exhibition will also be queens chosen from the various schools of Hilo nei.

There will also be music by the Civic Club Choir, the Hawaiian Women’s Club of Hilo, and the County Band and the Hilo High School Band.

Within the lei exhibit will be held a competition for the most beautiful, and so forth. There is $151 set for that event, for 10 categories. The County gave its assistance in this by setting aside $100 for it, along with assistance by the merchants of Hilo nei.

The judges for the lei and the flowers of that day are: Mrs. Lorna Desha, chairman; Miss Helen Kaina, Mrs. Annabelle Ruddle, Mrs. Eliza Todd and Miss Caroline Shipman.

The committee for the lei and flowers are: Mrs. Irene Silva, chairman; Mrs. Mary Eaton; Mrs. Mary Lee Loy; Mrs. Josephine Victor; Mrs. Mary Moku and Mrs. Emma Hopfe.

The head chairman of this event is Clifford Bowman.

Our hope and desire is that the work and the direction of this Hawaiian Association will progress and that this fine function will continue for a long time.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/30/1941, p. 5)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 1, Aoao 5. Aperila 30, 1941.


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